Never Too Early to Plan for Spring

Landscape DesignJust because the ground is frozen, doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about your lawn. The winter time is the best time to plan what you want to do with your lawn and garden come spring time. Here are some steps to take to put together a comprehensive plan for after the spring thaw.

1. Keep a journal – Start by putting together a folder or notebook to keep track of what you’ve done and what you plan on doing. Keep this folder or notebook in a spot that’s convenient for later on.

2. Plan your hardscaping – If you are going to make any changes to the hardscaping of your lawn, you’ll want to tackle that first. Not only is it a major project, it will end up altering much of your other projects or plans. Adding or removing hardscape will change the square footage of your lawn and gardens, which will change how much fertilizer, mulch, and lawn chemicals that you will need. On warmer days, getting outside and marking out areas is possible.

3. Plan out on calendar – By scheduling some of your larger lawn and garden activities, you can help to set goals for yourself, as well as help to plan out activities not related to your lawn or garden.

4. Making a shopping list, and keep an eye out for sales – Create a list of any tools and materials you may need, and make sure to check the weekly circulars in your local paper or set up alerts on shopping sites for the materials you’re in need of. By planning ahead, you should be able to hold out for a deal and save some money.

5. Research – Search through the far reaches of the internet for information, or attend talks and classes related to lawn and garden activities. Not only will this increase your knowledge and capabilities, it might also bring a little bit of summer warmth into the ice-covered months.

6. Schedule ahead – If you have major plans that you may need professionals for, get in touch with them over the winter. If you wait until late in the winter or into spring time, you may find the professionals are already booked up. They’ll appreciate being able to set their calendars ahead of time as well.

7. Get in shape – Did a day of pushing the mower around wear you out? Did weeding make you sore for the next week? Use the winter time to give yourself a bit of flexibility and mobility. One reason you get tired or sore is because we only perform gardening activities for part of the year. Some yoga, walking on a treadmill, or other mild physical activities can help mitigate the effect returning to yard work may have on your body.

So don’t just take the winter off. Get prepared for the first thaw, and you could set yourself up for a great season in the lawn and garden.

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