Replacing The Pull Cord On A Husqvarna Chainsaw

Even the pull cord that starts a Husqvarna chainsaw periodically needs to be replaced due to common wear and tear. Replacing the cord is not a difficult task.

Husqvarna gasoline chainsaw.
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Pull cords are commonly used to start chainsaws that run on gasoline. The chainsaw starts when the operator pulls on the cord. The cord engages the drive pulley and the chainsaw starts.

Items Required To Replace Pull Cord:

• Socket Wrench
• New Starter Cord

Replacing The Damaged Pull Cord:

Step One: Place the chainsaw on a table or workbench.
Step Two: Remove the screws that secure the starter to the side of the chainsaw.
Step Three: Pull the starter out of the chainsaw.
Step Four: Turn the socket wrench counter-clockwise to loosen the bolt that is in the center of the driver pulley.
Step Five: Remove the drive disc, drive disc spring and drive pulley.
Step Six: Remove the old starter pull cord from the drive pulley and starter housing.
Step Seven: Wrap the new pull cord around the drive pulley at least three times.
Step Eight: Connect the starter pulley to the end recoil spring.
Step Nine: Place the drive disc spring and the drive disc back into the chainsaw.
Step Ten: Re-insert the bolt on the pulley and tighten it with the wrench.
Step Eleven: Thread the new starter pull cord through the hole that is in the starter housing and tie the cord into a knot.
Step Twelve: Place the starter pull cord into the notch on the drive pulley.
Step Thirteen: Turn the pulley at least twice clockwise.
Step Fourteen: Remove the cord from the notch.
Step Fifteen: Pull the chainsaw-starting handle to stretch the cord.
Step Sixteen: Place the starter back onto the saw and secure it with the screws.

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