Riding Lawn Mower Comparison: A Kubota T1880 Vs. A John Deere X739

When considering the purchase of a riding lawn mower most people tend to rely on brands they are familiar with. Some perform their due diligence in the process of selecting a lawn mower. What that means is for some people selecting a riding lawn mower is a process that includes looking at models from several brands and narrowing the selection down to one model from two brands.

If you follow this process, then your due diligence work may ultimately lead to a comparison between a Kubota T1880 to a John Deere X739.

Kubota T-Series Riding Lawn Mower.
(Courtesy: Kobuta)

According to Versus.com, both riding mowers are considered to be in the top 40% of available mowers. Both have features that a large percentage of available lawn mowers do not have. According to Versus.com, 24% of all lawn mowers are riding mowers.

Both the Kubota T1880 and John Deere X739 are rated fairly well within the reservoir of available lawnmowers when it comes to longer maximum cutting height, shorter minimum cutting height, variable speed, and the inclusion of a mulching feature.

As far as longer maximum cutting height is concerned, the Kubota T1880 is ranked in the top 42% with a longer cutting height of 102 mm. The John Deere X739 is ranked in the top 17% with a longer cutting height of 133mm.

In the category of shorter minimum cutting height, both mowers are tied and are ranked in the top 59%. They have a shorter minimum cutting height of 25mm.

Both mowers feature variable speed. Only about 37% of the available pool of riding lawn mowers has this feature.

In addition, both mowers include a mulching feature. According to Versus.com, about 54% of available riding lawn mowers include it.

Both models also have a variety of other features that many other riding lawn mowers do not have. They include:

· A gas-powered motor (57% of lawn mowers have it)
· An overhead valve engine (36% of lawn mowers have it)
· Variable speed (37% of lawn mowers have it)
· Self-Propelled (52% of all lawn mowers have it)
· The ability to use cordless tools in the maintenance of the machine (76% of all lawn mowers have it)
· Electric start (63% of all lawn mowers have it)
· Headlights (Only 15% of all lawn mowers have them)
· Steel deck (65% of all lawn mowers have it)
· Rotary mower (79% of all lawn mowers have it)
· Side discharge (39% of lawn mowers have it)
· Easy height adjustment (52% of lawn mowers have it)

Both mowers also share other features. However, one mower may dominate over the other in specific ones. For example, the John Deere has:

· A larger fuel tank (19.71cm Vs. 15cm)
· More cylinders (2 Vs. 1)
· Faster speed (13.7 km/h Vs. 9 km/h)
· Larger engine (0.71 Vs. 0.51)
· More horsepower (25.5-hp Vs. 18-hp)

The Kubota model:

· Weighs more (279.867 kg Vs. 474 kg)

The Kubota T1880, which is part of the company’s T80 Series, has the following features:

· Full Flat Operator Platform
· Hydrostatic Transmission
· Easy Mower Lift Lever
· One-Step Parking Brake
· Cutting Height Adjustment
· Larger Rear Tires (22 x 11-10)
· Quick Attach V-frame

The John Deere X739 include the following features:

· Electronic Fuel Injected 25-hp V-Twin iTorque Engine
· All-Time 4-Wheel Drive
· All Wheel Steer Technology
· Hydraulic Power Steering And Tilt Steering Wheel
· Deluxe High Back Seat With Coil Suspension
· Hydrostatic Drive Transaxle With Differential Lock
· High-Capacity Drive Over Decks With Hydraulic Lift





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