Kubota Series ZD mower

A Comparison Of Kubota Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Kubota is well known for its zero turn riding lawn mowers. The company offers a wide variety of models including the ZD1000 Series (ZD1011-48, ZD1011-54 and ZD1021-60), the ZD1200 Series (ZD1211-60 and ZD1211-72), ZD1500 Series (ZD1511RL-60R, ZD1511LF-72, and ZD1511RLF-72R), Z700 Series (2723KH-48, Z724KH-54, Z725KH-60, Z724X-54, and Z726X-60), Z100 Kommander (Z122R-42, Z121S-48, Z122E-48, Z125E-54 and Z1255-54), Z200 Series (ZG222, ZG227, and ZD221), Z300 Series (ZG327, ZD323, ZD326, and ZD326H), and the Z400 Series (Z411KW-48, Z421KW-54, and Z421KWT-60).

A zero-turn riding lawn mower is a standard riding mower with a turning radius that is effectively zero. Typically, the use of hydraulic speed control of each drive wheel achieves this. Most models feature four wheels –- two small swiveling front tires and two large drive tires in back. Instead of controlling the swiveling tires to steer, the large drive tires rotate independently of each other based on the driver’s input and can rotate in opposite directions. The mower can pivot around a point midway between the drive wheels, it can pivot around either one of the drive wheels if one is stationary, or it can turn in a circle of any radius.

One major advantage of zero turn lawn mowers is that they are designed to cut so closely around obstacles that there is virtually no need to trim.

The ZD1000 Series

Features of the ZD1000 Series lawn mowers include:

· ACS Kubota PRO Deck with aerodynamic cutting system™. The airflow inside the deck has been improved to prevent clippings from clumping, sticking to the walls of the deck, and recirculating to be cut again. This is achieved due to better airflow caused by faster, more efficient cutting and discharge.
· New Spindle Shaft. The larger spindle shaft provides better airflow inside the deck and is also more durable.
· New Clean-Cut Blades. The cutting blades shape has been redesigned for better cutting efficiency and overall load balance, This also helps airflow inside the deck and ensures cleaner cutting performance. The blades are also more durable and offer a longer service life.
· New Flexible Discharge Chute. The discharge chute now features stronger, more flexible material and has been redesigned to ensure smoother discharge and more uniform discharge clippings.
· Kubota Diesel Engine. Kubota has produced more than 25 million engines since 1922. They know what features a good engine needs to have.
· Kubota Durable Transmission. The engine is mated to a Kubota original hydrostatic transmission that provides faster, smoother response under all loading conditions. Except for an occasional fluid change, the hermetically sealed component requires no maintenance and has no belts to replace.
· Easy Mower and Engine Access. The engine hood that protects the engine is easy to open and offers easy access to the engine. Simply lift the special hatch under the platform mat to get to the upper mower, mower belt, gearbox case, universal joint and oil filter.
· New Foldable ROPS. This feature is now compliant with not only OSHA standards, but also ISO standards. The ROPS conveniently folds down for easy storage and transportation of the mower.
· Outstanding Stability. The ZD Series has a low center of gravity to assure good weight balance and offers stability on slopes and uneven ground.
· Adjustable Oscillating and Rigid Front Axle. The ZD Series offers a choice of two front-axle setups for better comfort for the driver and better performance of the mower.
· New Low Profile Tires. The tires on the rear of the ZD Series mowers offer better stability and traction on turf and their wide tread helps to protect the turf of damage during mowing.
· New Suspension Seat. This ensures less driver fatigue and greater productivity. The seat also features dual adjustable armrests; higher backrest and lumbar support, and is fully padded, adjustable and reclineable.
· New Ergonomically Designed Control Layout. All of the mower deck controls are collected to the right and within easy reach of the driver assuring quick and easy adjustment of cutting height. A tone cutting height adjustment dial is also included in the cluster and assists in setting the cutting height.
· New HST Levers. The levers have been redesigned for better legroom and have more settings to assure smoother operation, better zero-turn maneuverability, and greater job efficiency.
· Shaft Drive Mower. There are no drive belts or pulleys, so the driveshaft can more efficiently transfer power from the engine to the deck.
· Hands-Free Parking Brake. Located under the platform under the driver’s feet, the brake easily engages and releases with a tap by either foot, leaving hands free to handle the HST levers.
· Hydraulic Deck Lift. The deck lift permits you to continue mowing despite obstacles because a tap of a foot can raise and lower the deck.
· New, Thicker Platform Mat. The mat has been redesigned to be thicker and more durable and helps reduce noise and vibration for a more comfortable ride.
· New and Bigger Storage Box and Cup Holder. The driver can store more personal items and two beverage cups.
· Optional Maintenance Lift. The lift features two-pins and tilts up for easier opening of the front of the ZD Series even with the mower deck still attached.

The ZD1200 Series

This series of lawn mowers have the same features as the ZD1000 Series and also includes:

· New Large and Bright LCD Panel. The display is the biggest in its class and shows all the key indicators you need to maximize cutting performance and operation. It includes information on the oil pressure and water temperature gauges, fuel level, voltmeter, and a new hour meter that indicates to the driver when maintenance or servicing is required.
· New Dapper Force Adjustment. Available with mowers powered by a Kubota diesel engine, this feature includes a three-position lever that lets the driver adjust the damper force to the best level for personal comfort.

The ZD1500 Series

The ZD1500 Series lawn mowers have the same features as the ZD1200 Series and also include:

· Diesel Particulate Filter. The filter reduces the hydrocarbon and noxious gases contained in emissions to carbon dioxide and water. Moreover, it captures microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the atmosphere.
· Air-Ride Suspension Seat. It features adjustable air suspension with the touch of a button for great soft support and gentle comfort.

The Z700 Series

The Z700 Series lawn mowers has many of the same features as the ZD1000 and also include:

· New Mower Deck. The deck is made of 6” deep, fully welded, 7gauge steel with a 48”, 54”, or 60” deck for outstanding stability.
· Sliding Deluxe Seat. It features a thick cushioned, 19.6” seat back, adjustable armrests, and slide adjustment.
· Easy Battery Access. The battery and harness is located under the seat panel.
· Transmission with Integrated Pump and Motor. The feature offers increased efficiency and easier service. It also has a separate oil supply for better durability. Parts including the drive link and brake rod are positioned for easy maintenance.
· Commercial Grade Engine. Made by Kawasaki and Kohler, the engine offers superior performance and lasting durability.
· Sealed Spindle Bearing. It is greaseless and offers maximum durability.
· Flat-Free Front Tires. The tires feature flat-free caster that assists in offering better absorption of impacts.

The Z100 Series

The Z100 Series lawn mowers include many of the same features as the Z700 Series models as well as:

· Storage Boxes. They offer more storage area for tools, lunch, and anything else the driver may want that is too big or heavy for pockets.
· Mechanical One Push Deck Lift Pedal (E and S models only). The feature adjusts the cutting height of the mower in three ways – push and release the pedal to raise the deck, use the dial to adjust the cutting height, or push and release the pedal again to lower the deck.
· Wide Foot Pan. It provides more legroom up front and easy exit and entry from the machine.
· LED Headlights. Standard on the S-model and optional on the E and R models, the bright LED headlights permits you to continue mowing in low light.
· ¼” Increment Cutting Height Adjustment. Just twist a dial to adjust the cutting height by increments of just ¼”.
· Ultra Scaper Z Rear Tires. Wide-tread, big tires offer a softer ride, better traction, and better weight distribution to help protect the lawn.
· Hitch Kit. Standard on the Kommander E and S models, it is available as an option on the Z122R-42.

The Z200 Series

The Z200 Series lawn mowers feature:

· Durable Kubota Gasoline Engine. A 22-horsepower or 27-horsepower air-cooled engine are available
· Kubota Diesel Engine. Also available, the engine is durable and energy-efficient. Choose from a 21-horsepower, 22-horsepower, or 27-horsepower version.
· Flexible Cover. The discharge cover is flexible and guards against damage to shrubs and landscaping.
· Pedal-Type Lift System. The hydraulic lift system works with a simple push of a pedal to raise the deck and a special one-touch lock keeps the deck raised for transportation.
· Operator Deck. It has an uncluttered floorboard resulting in more legroom.
· Optional Mulching System. Ideal for mulching even on thick grass and its flow plate design optimizes airflow to allow repeated cutting. Special mulching blades provide an extra-fine cut.
· Underside Maintenance Hatch. This feature allows easy access to the upper mower, mower belts, and universal joint.
· Optional Maintenance Lift. A two-pin, tilt up lift allows for the easy raising of the lift without removing the mid-mount mower to make routine maintenance under the machine quick and simple.

The Z300 Series

The Z300 Series lawn mowers include:

· A Dual Element Air Cleaner. This feature has a vacuum sensor that alerts you when the cleaner needs servicing.
· Large Fuel Tank. Two tanks store 12.9-gallons of fuel so you can work longer and more efficiently without stopping to refuel.
· Large-Diameter Rear Tires. This offers better stability and handling for the ZG327, ZD331, ZD326, and ZD323 models.
· Radiator Screen (ZD models only). The radiator screen has been integrated into the hood for a better seal and less chance of grass clipping getting into the screen.
· Engine Coolant Alert. Alert warns you if the engine coolant temperature is too high.
· Air Cleaner Indicator. It alerts the driver if the air cleaner needs to be changed or cleaned.
· Tie Down. This is ideal for securing and loading Z-300 Series models onto a flatbed truck for easy transportation.
· Deep Mower Deck. The extra-deep 6.5” fabricated mower deck permits faster cutting in tall, thick, and wet grass.
· Swivel Anti-Scalp Rollers. The 60” and 72” independently operating anti-scalp rollers rotate a full 360 degrees.
· Mower Link Lift. The strong lift link components include a sturdy lift shaft, thick lift arm, and wide shaft diameter.
· Mower Deck Features. The edge of the deck greatly reduces grass blowback and helps keep lawns looking good particularly in dry conditions. The advanced baffle design improves airflow for better discharge of grass clippings and improved cutting performance.

The Z400 Series

The Z400 Series lawn mowers have many of the same features as the other Kubota machines and also includes:

· 12-Volt Power Outlet. This feature permits you to charge a smartphone or other consumer electronics accessory while you mow the lawn.
· High Back Seat and 6” Slide Seat. It slides 6” forward and back so you can find the best position for maximum comfort.
· Seat Opening Mechanism. A simple touch offers easy access to the fuses.
· Operation Controlled Discharge Chute (Optional). The cover can be opened and closed using a single lever so that you can temporarily shut the chute to prevent clippings from getting into flowerbeds or roads.
· Grass Catcher Kit (Optional). It has a 7-bushel capacity and catches grass reducing the need to stop to discharge the clippings.

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