Mowing the lawn

Safety And Maintenance Tips Concerning A Lawn Mower

There are many reasons why safety is a concern when using a lawn mower. Accidents have occurred in which lawn mower users have been injured. It is more than imperative that homeowners who take up the chore of mowing their lawns do so with safety in mind.

Mowing the lawn.
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There are a number of things a person needs to do when using a mower safely. They include:

• Wearing of protective eyewear to guard against such things as a stone or other debris being kicked up toward one’s face.
• Mowing in daylight when the grass is dry.
• Inspecting the yard prior to mowing for debris or objects that could pose a hazard to the user of the mower or anyone near by.
• Keeping children and pets away from the path of the mower.
• Assuring that the starter rope does not snap back when one starts a lawn mower.
• Looking a few feet ahead of the mower while guiding it to avoid debris or obstacles.
• Keeping all four wheels securely on the ground.

It is essential that when mowing you take precautions on handling the mower to avoid injury. For example:

• Always mow across an incline or hill when using a push lawn mower.
• Turn off the lawn mower when crossing a sidewalk or driveway.
• Always be sure that the lawn mower engine is off when adjusting the mower’s deck height, cleaning the grass chute, removing the grass catcher or repairing the mower.
• Never deactivate safety devices.
• Never pull the mower toward you.
• Stay clear of the hot engine.
• Don’t allow children under the age of 12 to operate a push lawn mower.
• Consult the Owner’s Manual before running a lawn mower.

You need also consider maintaining the mower so that it performs its best and continues to work well for a long time. Things to consider include:

• Checking the oil level after five hours of operation time.
• Changing the oil after 50 hours of use elapses or at the start of every season.
• Replacing oil-foam elements after 25 hours of operation or every season.
• Cleaning the cooling system after 100 hours of use or every season.
• Inspecting the spark arrester after 50 hours of operation or every season.
• Replacing in-line fuel filter after 50 hours of operation or every season.
• Replacing spark plug after 100 hours of operation or every season.
• Cleaning the combustion chamber deposits after 100-300 hours of operation.

Be cautious when using your mower and treat it well so that it performs the way you expect it to.

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