Seasons Changing: How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great During Autumn

In a recent post, we discussed why it’s a great idea to apply fertilizer in late August and early September, as it goes a long way toward helping your lawn recover from the rigors of summer. As we move through August, you should certainly consider fertilizing, but there are a plethora of other lawn care tasks that should be completed to keep your lawn looking great during autumn. It’s important to remember that your lawn doesn’t just shut down with the changing of the seasons, and cool-season grasses grow especially well as the weather gets colder. For this reason, there’s plenty that you need to do to ensure that your yard is in good health through the final stretch of the growing season. Below, we offer a few autumn care tips that will keep your yard looking great.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great All Autumn Long

Mowing and watering in autumn

During the fall, keep your grass between 2 and 2 ½ inches tall; if it gets taller, you should certainly mow, even if the calendar has reached the point at which you usually shut it down. That said, mowing is generally done less frequently during the fall. A good rule of thumb is to mow no more than once per week, although if it rains heavily you may consider mowing more often. You should also continue watering your lawn. At the end of summer, your lawn is worn out and can really benefit from consistent watering. In fact, lawn owners should water right up until the point at which the ground starts to freeze.

Pruning and thatching in autumn

As you prepare your yard for winter, there may be a temptation to prune any trees that have grown out of hand over the course of the summer. However, resist pruning, as it will facilitate growth that will prevent the tree from hardening in preparation for the winter. On the other hand, thatching is an essential autumn lawn care task. Ensure that your soil is not overly compact (no thicker than 1 inch is a good rule to live by) and aerate your lawn if necessary.

Don’t be afraid to renovate

Early autumn is perhaps the best time to renovate your yard. This is because weeds are less prevalent and the heat is not as severe. By planting seed in mid-August through mid-September, you will give your lawn the chance to really get acclimated before the winter begins.

These tips are just a few autumn lawn care procedures, and it is easy to see that lawn maintenance does not disappear with the arrival of September. After all, caring for your lawn all autumn long will make your lawn that much healthier come springtime.


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