The Importance of Fuel Stabilizer

If you are having trouble getting the most out of your lawn mower, there are any number of causes that could be to blame, from your sparkplug to grass lodged between the blade and deck. One of the more overlooked causes is that your mower may be filled with fuel that is old and has not been stabilized. For this reason, it is important to always use fuel stabilizer, which is instrumental in getting your mower to start. Below, we explain exactly why fuel stabilizer is so important and what you need to know in order to reap its benefits.

Fuel Stabilizer: Prolonging the Life of Your Gasoline

What does fuel stabilizer do?

The key purpose of fuel stabilizer is that it assists the engine in getting started. Basically, the reason why fuel stabilizer is so necessary is that old gasoline is ineffective. As gasoline gets older, it burns fuel significantly less efficiently and can become waterlogged. In addition, old fuel can become clogged and create engine damage. Fuel stabilizer helps the engine start, preventing oxidation from occurring and helping the fuel burn. Furthermore, it will not improve fuel that is already damaged, so if your fuel has already sat around for an extended period, fuel stabilizer will not offer the magic remedy. In addition, applying it after a first treatment will not improve the fuel, nor will adding excessive amounts improve fuel efficiency. Make no mistake, though, fuel stabilizer is more effective than just draining your gasoline at the end of the season. When you drain fuel, it is easy for rust to occur. In sum, fuel stabilizer extends the life of your gasoline by 3-15 months.

When should you use fuel stabilizer?

The benefits of fuel stabilizer are undeniable but there are times when it is unnecessary. A good rule of thumb to follow is to apply fuel stabilizer whenever you will be storing fuel for more than one month. This obviously makes fuel stabilizer handy when you are storing away your lawn mower for the winter, or if you will be staying at a separate residence for the summer. It is, however, important to remember that stabilizers lose their efficacy after 12-15 months, so it also has a shelf life (albeit one that is longer than your gasoline.)

Fuel stabilizer is one of the unsung practices that goes a long way toward improving the shelf life and effectiveness of your gasoline. Use fuel stabilizer wisely (don’t apply too much, etc.) in order to ensure that your mower will start and run smoothly.

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