Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass

If the ugly, green rubber grass of the Astrodome is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “synthetic turf” or “artificial grass,” we can’t blame you. To most people, that is representative of the stuff. However, artificial grass has developed quite a bit over the years. The question is, is it a viable option for homeowners to install in their yards?

Skagerak Arena turf

Artificial Turf

Initial Expense

Aside from getting past the overall idea of using synthetic turf, the biggest hang-up is the initial expense of tearing up the preexisting lawn and installing synthetic turf. This is much more expensive than laying sod, seeding, or any other regular lawn care. Much of the expense comes from the labor itself, but the synthetic turf is not cheap either – the higher-end turf will run $5-$6 per square foot. It also may need full replacement at some point, as even though they are quite durable, it can show wear over the course of years.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you don’t like lawn work, this is where synthetic turf will shine for you. There is no regular maintenance needed, just a regular inspection every so often for heavy wear spots or deterioration in the turf. Best of all, you can make up for the initial expense by selling off all your lawn care equipment – you’ll no longer have a need for a mower, dethatcher, or other lawn equipment. Keep your leaf blower though – unless you plan on getting artificial trees as well.

Drought Resistance

Well, since it doesn’t require any water for day-to-day life, you could say it is highly drought-resistant. Synthetic turf won’t brown and go dormant in the heat, or with the lack of water during a drought. This has made artificial turf a particularly popular way to keep a lush lawn in vulnerable areas, like the American southwest.


If natural turf and grass is used daily, it will never be able to look lush and beautiful. It simply can’t hold up. Synthetic turf can be used day-in and day-out, and will not show its wear until it has been used for years. Even when being used in the worst weather, such as blizzards and utter downpours, it won’t be destroyed. Best of all, you won’t have mud to slog through and worry about dragging into the house.

Local Regulations

Unfortunately, some localities are not that enthusiastic about having artificial turf as part of the neighborhood. Some might require the installation of the turf to be run by local zoning before its put in, while other neighborhoods have banned it entirely. So make sure to check with your county, town, or borough before going ahead with ordering and installing synthetic turf.

Is synthetic turf for you? That’s up to you to decide. It certainly isn’t a bad idea, especially if you’re having trouble with your lawn or maybe are just getting tired of dealing with it. Sure, it might not keep you coming back to LawnEq for tips and hints, but it may just be the better choice for your home.

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