Three Reasons Why Renting a Trencher Will Save Your Weekend and Your Back

Let’s face it. Digging trenches by hand is a job reserved for the super young, the super fit, or the superhuman.

If you don’t fall into any of the above categories, you aren’t alone.

Every year, countless Effingham, Illinois area DIYers and construction professionals rent gas-powered walk-behind trenchers to help them get their digging-intensive yard and construction projects done quickly, and without injury.

Before renting to excavate or trench, always be sure to call your state’s utility notification center to have all the underground utility lines marked such as gas, water, electric, cable, etc.. Illinois residents call J.U.L.I.E. before you dig. You can reach them by dialing 811.

The Trencher

Motorized trenchers come in a variety of different sizes, some of which you may recognize. For example, power companies often use big “Ditch Witch” trenchers to make space for new utility lines.

These iterations of the trencher are big, intimidating pieces of machinery. But have no fear: The trenchers that Bahrns rents are much smaller, safer, and more user-friendly. In fact, some walk-behind trenchers can be loaded into the back of an SUV or van (although it might be a squeeze).

And while those big Ditch Witches are complicated machines to operate, our fleet of rental yard trenchers are relatively straightforward to operate.

In fact, if you’re used to running a lawn mower or snow blower, you’ll have no problem running a trencher.

Levers mounted to the push handle actuate raising and lowering the chained trenching arm, as well as putting both the machine and the digging chain in either forward of reverse.

Starting and Operating the Trencher

Most gas-powered trenchers utilize a choke, on/off switch, and a pull-start, just like your lawn mower.

Trenchers are run in reverse when actually digging, and most models are governed when driving forward for safety purposes.

Backing up with a trencher allows you to anticipate any obstacles, and avoid making contact with structures or garden edging.

Reasons to Rent a Trencher and Ditch the Digging

  1. Save Your Body

The first big reason why renting a trencher is a no-brainer is the wear and tear it will spare your body.

Digging any amount of trench by hand can be crushing work, particularly if the earth you’re working with is at all rocky or filled with obstacles like buried pavers or concrete chunks.

Digging, especially with poor form, can lead to a sore or injured back, as well as torn-up hands, and an unhealthy amount of frustration. The latter is reason enough to skip the shovel and opt for the machine-power, while the former should be a serious consideration, particularly if you’re an older individual.

2. Accurate Digging

If you’re renting a trencher in order to install a French drain or run wiring to a new building, you’ll want your trenching to be accurate not only in its path, but also in its depth.

Building codes require cables to be buried at specific depths so as to avoid being damaged by errant digging. French drains, with their buried perforated pipe, allow water to flow out of your yard if they run in a straight line.

Trenchers allow for control of both the path of your trench, and its depth. Digging to an exact depth by hand, however, is nearly impossible.

3. Save Time, Save Money

People get busier and busier by the year. And if you’re opting to rent a trencher and do some yard projects yourself, that means that you’re probably a working person interested in saving some cash on labor costs.

Smart idea.

For example, installing a French drain is probably at least a one-day job. No matter how you choose to do your trench work, a gas-powered trencher will keep it at just a day, rather than three or four days.

Digging will take up the lion-share of your time when completing projects like trenching, and it’s the toughest on your body.

The Takeaway

Do yourself a favor, and rent a trencher. Here at Bahrns, we pride ourselves on being Effingham’s first choice for quality power equipment rentals.

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