Which Machines and Tools Offer the Best Value?

One of the main tasks faced by any lawn owner involves maximizing value in lawn care performance while minimizing cost. This might sound easy enough in theory but it can be intimidating to navigate the lawn care market in search of the most cost-efficient and best-value products. This post offers some products that will give you the most value (at a relatively low cost):

  • Scott’s Turf Builder: One crucial lawn care tip is to change your fertilizer with the seasons, and Scott’s is terrific because they offer different fertilizers for the changing seasons. All of the Scott’s fertilizers are versatile and work well in sun or shade, giving you great value. The Early (February to April) and Late (April to June) Spring fertilizers offer iron to help grow the lawn. The Summer one (June through August) is useful for warding off bugs, and the Winter one, which should be applied in September through November, is great at preparing your lawn for winter.
turf builder
  • Ortho Weed-B-Gone: Weed-B-Gone is one of the most versatile and value-driven products on the market. It kills literally hundreds of different weeds and you will notice results within a couple hours of application. Most importantly, the product does not contain any chemicals that will harm your lawn.
weed b gone
  • Lifetime Garden Hoses: The Lifetime Garden Hose is not necessarily the most inexpensive option on the market, but it certainly provides superior value. This is because (as the name suggests) all Lifetime hoses come with a lifetime guarantee. They also have a leak-free seal and come in both 50-foot and 100-foot sizes.
lifetime hose
  • Get an electric start lawn mower: Electric start lawn mowers have the advantage of saving you time and gas when starting them up. Troy-Bilt and Toro are two brands that offer good value, with high-quality and relatively low-price electric start mowers. In order to maximize your performance, you should also make sure not to mow too frequently (every 1-2 weeks is a good rate); not only does mowing too often use up more gas, but it is unhealthy for the grass and will only make it grow at a faster rate.










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