Budget Buying: Riding Mowers under $6,000

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When you move your mower budget above $5,000, you’re stepping into the luxury end of the spectrum. These aren’t just pieces of lawn equipment anymore – at the price of a relatively decent used car, these are long-term investments meant to save time and effort. There shouldn’t be any skimping on comfort or performance.

Husqvarna MZ 61

Featuring a 61-inch cutting deck made of 11-guage steel, the Husqvarna is capable of taking down large paths of grass quickly. It can be adjusted at quarter-inch intervals, from 1.5 to 4.5 inches, and can adapt for cutting, mulching, and collecting. It is powered by a 24 horsepower Kawasaki engine, controlled by a hydrostatic transmission that provides for forward speeds up to 8.5 miles per hour. Priced at $5,199.95, it’s comfortably near the bottom of this budget.

Simplicity Conquest

Simplicity Conquest

Simplicity Conquest

Combining the SCS-2 suspension and a free-floating mower deck, the Conquest provides an even, consistent cut. The 50-inch deck has reinforced side skirts that can handle a little bumping and rubbing with obstacles, although it can still be damaged if you’re too rough with it. The deck height is controlled electronically, meaning it can be adjusted to any height from 1 inch p to 4 inches, with no set intervals. We like the Quick Hitch system, which allows for the easy removal of the mower deck if you need the Conquest for other yard chores and want to shed some weight. The comprehensive and intuitive display panel is a breeze to read, and has indicators for a “best cut” range as well as maintenance intervals. With a 3-year limited warranty, this tractor comes in within the budget at $5,799.

Snapper 550Z

A professional-grade unit that straddles the line between commercial simplicity and homeowner-level comfort, the 550Z is built to tackle large pieces of land, and fast. The 61-inch deck cuts a wide swath, while the 5.5 gallon fuel tank makes sure the mower can run for hours without stopping. The 18-inch high-back seat also makes sure that the user is comfortable for the long haul. The HydroGear transmission allows for smooth operation. The Snapper is low in the budget, at a minimum advertized price of $5,199.

John Deere X500 with 48-inch Deck

A multi-terrain master, the X500 is powered by John Deere’s iTorque system, a V-twin, air-cooled design that produces 24 horsepower. The power is controlled through the hydrostatic transaxle that uses the Twin Touch dual-pedal system to provide easy and exact changes in direction and speed. This system also features cruise control, for long and even runs. We like the fact that the wide stance makes mowing on slopes a little less precarious, and the foot-operated traction assist system increases this ability. While the 48-inch deck is a little small for the budget, it is easy to level and adjust. The Deere is overall quite comfortable and easy to handle, with a high-backed seat and low-effort four-wheel steering. Coming in under budget at the MSRP of $5,899, this is not a cheap piece of equipment, but we feel it is the best lawn tractor at this budget range.

Toro Consumer Titan ZX6000

Toro Consumer Titan ZX6000

Toro Consumer Titan ZX6000

While the Deere may be what we feel is the best garden tractor, we don’t see it as the best riding mower for the price in this budget. That award goes to the Titan ZX6000. This is as close to a commercial mower as you’ll find in the consumer sector, and even features a number of commercial-level parts, such as the ZT-3100 hydrostatic transmission. The seat is built for comfort, with an 18-inch back, a number of springs underneath the seat, and up to four inches of adjustment to move front and back. The frame is durable, thanks to a lack of welded joints and seamless construction. All of this is moved along by a 24-horsepower Kawasaki V-Twin engine. Coming in well within the budget at $5,399, we feel this is a great option for homeowners with large yards.

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