New Years’ Resolutions: A Look Back

At the beginning of this year, we had discussed making New Years’ resolutions for your lawn and garden. It wasn’t just about things to change in your lawn and garden, either – it was about making changes that could also help you enjoy your lawn and garden. So how have you done over the year? What resolutions did you take up, and how successful were you making those changes?

The Successes

If you managed to be successful and accomplish one or more of your resolutions you made last year, great! Many folks end up giving up on resolutions at some point during the year. Some might make it for a few months, while many folks have a hard time making it longer than a month or two. Celebrate your successes this New Years and remind yourself that, while it might’ve been quite a bit of work, it’s been worth it. Whether it’s better health, a greener lawn, or easier chores week in and week out, it has made your life better.

No Such Thing as a Failure

Just because you didn’t fulfill a resolution perfectly this year doesn’t mean it was a failure. Any step you’ve taken in the right direction is a step further than you would’ve taken if you hadn’t chosen the resolution to begin with. Unfortunately, some people can get frustrated if they haven’t gotten as far with their resolution as they had hoped. It’s not that you failed to reach a point, it’s that you’ve gotten down the path just a little less than yu wanted to.

Resolutions for the Upcoming Year

The easiest resolution for the upcoming year is to keep going on the resolutions you’ve been working on over the last year. A resolution shouldn’t be made with an end date in line – it should be made on the premise that it will improve your overall quality of lawn and life, and that you’ll want to

So from us here at LawnEq and Bahrns Equipment, we wish you a happy, safe, and enjoyable New Year.

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