Consider a Used Lawn Mower

If your lawn mower has been gradually fading over the summer months, and you find you are spending more time fixing it than using it, it might be time to look at getting a new lawn mower. You may not have to spend a mint on a new mower, though. A used mower can be a great investment, and can be worth your time, as long as you know what to look for and where to look. So let’s look at some things to consider when checking out a used lawn mower.

Where to Look

Even before figuring out what you are looking for, you need to consider where you will start your search. A lot of this depends on your community – some areas will have an easier time than other.

  • Craigslist – A great resource, but can be difficult in rural areas as the usefulness is reliant on having a lot of folks in a concentrated area using it.
  • Newspaper – Print media is still used throughout the country, and one of the best places to find used equipment is still in the classifieds.
  • Local Lawn and Garden Center – If your only nearby lawn center is a big box store, forget about it. However, many family-owned lawn, garden, and mower centers will have used equipment.
  • Yard and Estate Sales – Estate sales can be great places to find lightly-used equipment, although yard slaes can be a bit more difficult as far as finding quality gear.

Should You Consider a Used Mower?

Check the Condition of the Mower

Used mowers will come in all sorts of conditions – some will be near-new, others will be disasters. When you are looking at used mowers, you’ll need to check the condition of the following important parts:

  • Overall Body – Is it beat up, or dent-free? Does it look like it’s been rolled over before if it is a riding mower? Are there rust spots, severe damage, or missing pieces?
  • Engine – See if the owner has any maintenance logs, or has otherwise kept track of repairs and maintenance. Find out how may hours the engine has on it, if there have been any starting issues, and how often they have changed the oil.
  • Blade and Shaft – A bent blade can keep the mower from cutting or, even worse, cause damage to other parts of the mower. A bent shaft will need to be replaced, and can be costly.

Price Considerations

Before agreeing on buying a used mower, do some price research. Look at the pricing of new lawn mowers with similar abilities and features first, and check a number of retailers. You should never pay more than 60%-70% of what a similar new mower would go for at most, and that’s for a used mower in tip-top condition. The worse shape the mower is in, the less you should be willing to offer for it.

Also consider what repairs a used mower may need. Light repairs may be necessary, and you can use that to negotiate the rice down. More severe repairs may help you drive the price down further if the seller is motivated, but can also be a long-term liability. They may also cause the mower to be unusable in the close future.

Buying a used lawn mower instead of a new mower can be a money-saver, and can get you a great piece of equipment on the cheap. There are plenty of folks willing to give up on a mower that’s a few years old, and there’s no reason you can’t benefit from that. So next time you look for a mower, consider a used mower.

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