Effective tips for Lawn mowing: Making it less of a chore


Don’t get stuck with that “Prairie” lawn look. Mow regularly. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Proper lawn mowing keeps your lawn looking healthy and neat. If you don’t mow your lawn at regular intervals it would take on a prairie look, instead of a well maintained lawn. Although you see people reluctant to take up lawn mowing, it is a fairly easy chore, if you know the basic steps, have a proper mower and of course some patience. Granted mowing doesn’t need any special expertise or strength, but these tips are sure to help you do it easily and effectively.

Pay attention to the grass

Remember to remove only one third or less of grass length at a time.  The most difficult part is cutting the grass present on the lawn edges. A final run around the perimeter a couple of times will take care of the bits and ends, and add an expert touch to your mowing.

For long or damp grass, lower the speed of your mowing, instead of the blade speed. Mowing is easier when you do it on dry grass. The upright blades will not clump while you cut. For mowing grass under trees, you need to mow higher as the grasses here have to share its nutrients and water with the tree roots.

Mowing direction

While mowing, overlap the previous run to cover all areas evenly. If you are looking for straight stripes or want to avoid straight edge in your lawn, mow in the middle of your lawn in a straight line and then do the sides. For mowers with rollers, the direction of mowing should be changed once a month.


Striping your lawn is easy to learn and adds some flavor to the look of your yard. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Grass clippings

The discharge of clippings depends on the type of mower you use. In case you bag the clippings, they should be composted. The clippings can be left as such unless rows or clumps are formed. This method called as cycling of grass helps return nitrogen and nutrients back to your lawn. The clippings can be discharged in an area where you have cut already. Mulching attachments or mulching mower can also be used.

Lawn finish

If your lawn looks frayed or has silver sheen, it indicates the blades are blunt and need sharpening. If the blade causes a rippled effect or stutters while you mow, it indicates

  • An under powered mower or blunt blade
  • The grass is too wet or long

You need to slow the mowing speed and increase the mowing frequency.

New grass

For new grass, you need to wait for three or four weeks. The new grass can get damaged as they are tender and need some time after germination to become well established. The mower and foot traffic can cause soil compaction, if it is moist. The grass should be one inch more than the regular mowing height for starting the mowing.

When you take proper care while handling the mower, half of the difficulties you meet during mowing can be avoided. Clear debris in the area, before you mow and keep kids and pets away. Proper safety gear including hearing and eye protection is must while mowing. And protect yourself appropriately from sweltering heat, when you are outdoors. Proper maintenance of the mower makes the job easier, and your lawn too will look attractive and well kept.






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