Mowing made easy with self-propelled mower

(photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

It’s much easier to walk behind a self propelled mower than push one without. (photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

With summer, all set to arrive soon it is time to get to work on your yard. The plants, trees and grass will start growing again with vigor beckoning your attention. If your lawn is a large or medium sized one, having a self-propelled mower works best. You get both electric and gas mowers of self-propelled type.

The mower can propel itself forward all over the lawn. You need not push the mower, it is sufficient to just guide it around. In other words, you simply walk behind and direct it as you wish to. Normally lawnmowers last around 8 to 9 years, after which you need to think of replacing them or repairing them. If you are thinking of swiping your push mower for a self-propelled, here are some considerations that will help you decide better.

Power in your hands

While the conventional mowers were of manual type, needing physical pushing with or without fuel, the self-propelled models can be used to mow your lawn effortlessly.  Self-propelled mowers use either gasoline or electricity as fuel.

With the electric models, you get cordless and corded types. Corded model gives you continuous power supply, but the movement is restricted. On the other hand, a cordless model is easy to mow with. It reduces emissions considerably, but since it is battery operated, you need to charge it frequently. Most electric models provide only one hour of uninterrupted power.

A clean cut

The self-propelled mowers use rotary cutting blades for trimming grass.  The rotating blades cut efficiently, but do considerable damage physically to the grass. This is not the case with manual reel mowers, as they cut grass cleanly. For thick turf, the gasoline-powered mowers are apt, while the electric models are for well-trimmed lawns mostly.

Less effort

Lawn mowing is one of the chores that come last in the list of tasks to do. This is mostly because of the effort and time taken for the task. Self-propelled models are easy to maneuver, especially on hilly lawns. You can choose a model with variable control for speed to match with your stride. Electric or gasoline models are for flat lawns and reduce physical strain largely. Reel mowers of walk behind type can be used in flat and hilly terrain, but are mostly used for smaller lawns only.

Bagging grass

Other than the reel mowers, self-propelled and the walk behind models have bagging or mulching grass options. It is best to mulch the clippings and discharge them rather than bag and carry them along which makes the mower heavy and difficult to push forward. But with self-propelled, you need not put in extra effort to move, as the mower does it automatically with or without load.

With self-propelled model lawn mowers, your mowing time is reduced by half and as it needs very little pushing effort, you can mow your yard easily. During summer when the mowing can sap your energy, the self-propelled models solve your mowing issues easily. They not only save your time and effort, but also give a nice and well-maintained lawn. Choosing the right brands will help you save on the money too.


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