Ethanol Gas: Is it Healthy for Your Lawn Mower Engine?

One of the lawn mower engine topics that has taken off in recent years is whether to use ethanol gas. Using ethanol first emerged as a lawn care tip because it burns at a higher temperature than unleaded fuel. In this age of environmental awareness, the public really appreciates that it releases fewer harmful emissions than unleaded fuel. Still, the alternative fuel source has many critics, and in this post we review whether or not it is safe for your lawn mower engine.

The complaints over ethanol gas

One of the major complaints about ethanol gas it that it causes the piston to stick, a result of its higher water absorption rate. As a result, lubrication is lessened and the rubber gaskets desiccate. Ethanol gas also has a tendency to rust easier and its shelf life is substantially shorter than with unleaded fuel. Finally, another complaint is that it can be harmful for the carburetor.

Should you use ethanol gas?

The answer to this question depends on how often you mow your lawn. Because ethanol fuel does not last as long, you really need to mow on a regular basis to get away with using the alternative fuel. Also, one of the most useful tips we can give is to be mindful of how much ethanol fuel you are using. You can determine whether your motor has ethanol by using a test kit, so if you are unsure of your fuel source you should purchase one of these. In the end, if you use a 10% ethanol blend, you should be fine. However, if you use a blend with 15-20%, your motor runs the risk of stalling and suffering from other starting issues. If you do decide to use ethanol, make sure that you replace it every 2-4 weeks of use. For this reason, the fuel source is most effective with those who mow with great regularity.


Ethanol Fuel

To be sure, there are limitations to ethanol fuel that make it risky. However, if you are mindful of these risks, there is no reason why your lawn mower engine can’t thrive with the alternative fuel source. If you are still curious, you should visit this webpage .

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