Purchasing a Lawn Mower: What to Bear in Mind

Purchasing a lawn mower is a potentially intimidating procedure. Simply put, there is an overwhelming array of options available for consumers, and there are many considerations that must be taken into account to ensure that a person does not purchase equipment that is not appropriate for their lawn. In past posts, we reviewed the benefits and limitations of electric mowers and sit down versus stand-on mowers. In this entry, we offer some general tips that must be considered when deciding on which mower to purchase.

Lawn mower engine size and wheel size

The sizes of your lawn mower engine and mower deck have a crucial impact on the way in which your grass is cut. You need to take into consideration how much grass you want cut with each rotation you make with your mower. The benefit of a powerful engine is that it will cut more grass with each pass. Unfortunately, the larger the lawn mower engine, the more gas you will use up. A related size variable is the dimension of your wheels. If you are dealing with uneven terrain, you will want to spring for larger wheels. On the other hand, if you are just dealing with a smooth, even surface, standard wheels are sufficient.

To mulch or not to mulch

You also need to determine whether you want to purchase a mulching mower. These are useful for insulating your lawn in cold weather and will assist in the fertilization process. If you do not need a mulching mower, be mindful of the need to bag your clippings. This webpage offers some useful advice on why a mulching mower is handy.

Other considerations

There are many other factors that you need to weigh when deciding on which mower to buy. One of these is maneuverability and the grade of your lawn. Generally, sit-down mowers tend to be less maneuverable than push-behind mowers. Additionally, if you lawn sits at a sharp grade, it may be difficult to push a mower. Another factor is ease of adjustment. If you know that you will frequently be adjusting the mower height , you need a mower that can do this easily. Similarly you want to consider the ease of starting the mower.

Can you mow in the cold?


Regardless of the style of mower you purchase, these broad factors should be noted when deciding on a mower.

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