How to Level a Lawn

It is widely-known that uneven lawns are particularly dangerous. Lawn mowers are not designed to operate on steep gradients, which can be especially harmful for riding mowers. For this reason, people go to great lengths to plant even lawns. However, over time lawns can become uneven (through no fault of the lawn owner). As the years go by, turf tends to become thinner, and this makes it so that lawns get uneven. Those who live in areas that experience harsh winters also find that the frost heave can create bumps in the lawn the following spring. When a lawn grows uneven, it then becomes necessary to level out the lawn and get it back to a safe condition. Below, we explain how you can successfully top-dress your lawn.

Level Your Lawn Using the Tips Provided Below

When should you level?

The most important consideration to bear in mind is that you want to level your lawn while your lawn can still grow and when you won’t have as much competition with weeds. For this reason, fall is a great season to level.

How should you level the lawn?

When you level the lawn, you really want to use a mix of sand and dry topsoil. Pure sand is commonly used, but this is less than ideal since it can make the soil overly hard, which in turn prevents the lawn from draining properly. Soil that is rock-solid also tends to dry far more rapidly during the heat of the summer. It is far more effective to plant sand and topsoil in equal parts. Pour the mix onto the areas of the lawn that need to be filled. In addition, remember that you can use compost  to level your lawn, as it is every bit as effective. Whether you use sand/soil or compost, be mindful that you do not want to add more than a half-inch at a time—the procedure is delicate and should not be rushed. When it comes time to plant grass, make sure that you plant the appropriate variety for your climate.

Tips for maintaining a level lawn

There are many procedures you can take to level your lawn. First, power raking is helpful. You should also always make sure to dethatch as soon as you notice it. Finally, keeping your soil moist is another easily overlooked way of maintaining a level lawn.

It is hardly the end of the world if you notice your lawn becoming uneven. Top-dress your lawn using the procedure described above and your lawn will become level in due time.

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