How to Prolong the Life of Your Old Lawn Mower

Everyone wants their old lawn mower to run for years and years, but relatively few people put the necessary work in that’s needed to keep their mower running over the long haul. One of the great things about old lawn mowers is that there really is no clear lifespan for them—more than with cars, you can keep an old lawn mower going strong for many years with proper maintenance. In fact, lawn mowers typically last between 7-10 years, but many savvy owners find that they can keep their old lawn mower running for many more years than that. For many people, it’s difficult to even know where to begin, and this is understandable—there are, after all, many different procedures that you need to do to keep your old lawn mower in tip-top condition. In this post, we explain some of the most important tasks that you need to complete in order to keep your old lawn mower alive and well.

What Do You Need to Do to Keep Your Old Mower Running?

Oil change and filters

Oil should be changed on a yearly basis. Whenever the oil is changed, it is also necessary to go ahead and replace the oil filter. Meanwhile, the air filter should be cleaned at the very least after every 25 hours of mower usage, and it should be replaced after 300 hours. Spark plugs should also be replaced every year.

Head fins, combustion chamber, and valves

Every 300 hours, the cylinder and head fins should be cleaned, as well as the combustion chamber. As we discussed in a recent post, when air fans get dirty this makes the engine too hot and can even lead to a fire resulting, so it is particularly important not to overlook this procedure.

Other miscellaneous tasks

On a regular basis, it is necessary to clean wet grass out from under the mower deck. Leaves, grass, and other assorted debris should also be kept away from the fuel line and carburetor; it is also handy to spray the carburetor with carburetor cleaner.) The quality of gasoline also matters; always use gas that is not old and buy fuel that is not oxygenated; this goes a long way toward ensuring that moisture contamination does not occur.

Lawn mowers don’t have a firm lifespan, so with careful maintenance you can keep your old lawn mower running for many years. Follow the tips offered in this post in order to keep your old lawn mower running well.

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