Kubota Introduces New Generation M7 Series Tractor

Kubota USA, based in Grapevine, Texas, has unveiled the next generation M7 Series tractor. The series includes three models –- the M7132, the M7-152, and the M7-172.

Kubota's M7 Series Gen 2 Tractor
Kubota’s M7 Series Gen 2 Tractor.
(Courtesy: Kobuta USA)

A V6108-CR-TIEF4 water-cooled 4-cycle direct injection diesel engine that includes an intercooler turbocharger powers all three models. The three models each have different rated engine power. The M7-132 engine has a rated engine power of 120-horsepower at 1900 RPM. The M7-152 is rated at 148-horsepower at 1900 RPM, and the M7-172 is rated at 168-horsepower at 1900 RPM.

The engine also features a power boost that supplies mower power when more power is required to operate and maintain maximum efficiency in travel and PTO applications. The M7-132 and M7-152 offer a 20-horsepower boost and the M7-172 delivers a boost of 5-horsepower.

All three models have an overall length 188-inches, overall height of 119-inches, and wheelbase of 107-inches. However, the overall width of each model is different. The M7-132 overall width is 98.4-inches, the overall width of the M7-152 is 98.4-inches or 11-inches. The M7-132 and the M7-152 weigh 14,840 lbs. The M7-172 comes in at 15,390-lbs.

The tractors offer hydraulic flow rates capable of supporting planters and other application demands normally handled by high performing hydraulics. It can assist in a variety of tasks including:

  • Round Baling
  • Spraying
  • Planting
  • Tillage
  • Loader
  • Mixed Wagon
  • Grain Cart

It features a standard 4-speed live-independent auto PTO that allows the tractor to handle a variety of rear-mounted implements at optimum speed. This results in lower operating costs and fuel consumption. The PTO includes an on/off switch with a 3-point hitch position that automatically disengages the PTO when the linkage is raised and re-engages the PTO when the linkage is lowered. This ensures operator efficiency.

The series models include an 11,787-lbs. of 3-point hitch lift capacity at 24-inches behind for larger implements.

All M7 Gen 2 Premium and Premium KVT models include a standard 7-inch K-Monitor, a soft button navigation touchscreen terminal. It allows for navigated adjustments via the touchscreen or dial. A K-Monitor Pro with a 12-inch terminal is also available that has the same features as the K-Monitor as well as the ability to monitor three additional items on smaller screens on the left side of the monitor.

An EZ-Command Center allows access to many of the tractor’s functions, which helps to reduce driver fatigue and an ergonomic workstation that allows for quick accessibility to controls and information.

The M7 Premium and Premium KVT models include electronically controlled Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulics for programmable flow rates for easy repeat and precise control. The M7 Deluxe Models offer mechanically controlled CCLS hydraulics that ensure high and adjustable flow rates ideal for applications requiring a high performing hydraulic system. The M7 standard models include a pressure compensated, fixed displacement hydraulic system to ensure ample and adjustable flow rates for a baler, tillage, and rotary cutter applications.

There are two transmission options. The 30X15, which is a 6-speed, 5-range Semi-Powershift transmission for standard, deluxe and premium models deliver 30 forward and 15 reverse speeds that allow optimal gear range for any particular application.

The Kubota Variable Transmission (KVT) for Premium and KVT models are continuously variable and offers a number of forward and reverse speeds.

Each of the M7 Gen 2 models include a large, four-post cab that has plenty of legroom and great visibility for the driver. All models also feature an air ride seat plus an instructor seat. All controls in the cab are laid out ergonomically so they are within easy reach of the driver.

The LM2605 front loader that comes with an M7 Gen 2 tractor has 5,776-lbs of lift capacity and is designed to perform demanding front loader tasks.

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(Source: Kubota USA)

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