Kubota Unveils Limited Edition Cab Tractor

Kubota Tractor Corporation, located in Grapevine, Texas, has introduced a new limited edition cab tractor. Dubbed the L3560HSTC, the tractor features a climate-controlled cab with more space and a panoramic view. The cab includes better noise insulation to ensure a quieter interior. The controls are ergonomically configured and the interior includes an IntelliPanel display, cup holder, deluxe suspension seat, storage compartments, and wide legroom for optimum comfort.

Kubota L3560HSTC Limited Edition Cab Tractor.
(Courtesy: Kubotausa.com)

The cab is designed for easy entry and exit and the tractor has an assortment of premium features including:

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Treadle pedal that offers effortless change of speed and direction.
  • Deluxe suspension seat with armrest
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Rubber floor mats that assists in reducing noise and vibration inside the cab
  • Kubota constructed HST Plus Transmission that assists the driver in obtaining the right balance of speed and torque
  • Hydraulic Live-Independent PTO
  • Hydrostatic power steering
Kubota’s L3560HSTC Limited Edition is designed for optimum comfort
(Courtesy: Kubotausa.com)

A Kubota Common Rail, diesel non-automotive, multi-cylinder engine powers the tractor and generates less than 100-horsepower. It provides great fuel savings, less engine noise and vibration and better emissions while delivering a high level of power and torque.

The tractor comes with a Kubota constructed backhoe that is easy to remove without tools. A mechanical thumb for the backhoe is available as an option to increase versatility and make lifting objects easier.

The backhoe provides plenty of dig depth and reach and includes smooth hydraulics and cushioning valves to minimize shock when the dipper reaches the end of the cylinder stoke.

With climate-controlled cab and more space, the L3560HSTC Limited Edition gives comfort and panoramic views of your surroundings allowing.
(Courtesy: Kubotausa.com)

The front hitch comes with two Kubota 4-point quick connect options –- manual and full automatic. It is designed to permit the attachment of optional front implements including blades, sweeper and snow blower.

The tractor also includes a matched front-end loader with a standard 2-lever quick coupler to make attaching and removing loader attachments quick and easy without tools. The tractor is designed to use Kubota LA555 and LA805 front loaders that are easy to remove and reinstall without tools. The loaders provide plenty of lift capacity as well as simultaneous lift and curl functions.

The tractor is also equipped with an HST Plus Transmission, which includes:

  • Auto Throttle Advance that automatically increases engine RPMs when the transmission speed is increased. It also decreases engine RPMs when the speed decreases.
  • Hydrostatic Dual Speed that allows the driver to choose a lower or higher set of speeds within each of the main hi-medium- and low ranges.
  • An automatically adjustable HDS depending on how much load the tractor is carrying.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity that changes the speed of response from the treadle pedal when increasing or decreasing speed.
  • Stall Guard that prevents the tractor from stalling, even under heavy loads.

(Source: kubotausa.com)

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