Kubota Introduces The R430 Loader

Kubota Tractors Corporation, located in Grapevine, Texas, has released the R430 loader. The vehicle is designed to fit in work areas where larger loaders can’t fit. The vehicle is built for all-year ‘round use and an available enclosed cab features heat and air conditioning.

A Kubota engine that generates 47.6-gross horsepower and 44.5-net horsepower drives the R430 loader. It features a load sensing transmission, hybrid link design, comfortable workstation, limited slip differential, rear backhoe, and spring applied hydraulic released wet disc brakes.

As the travel and loading conditions of the R430 loader changes, the load sensing transmission automatically shifts to compensate and supply maximum torque and speed for the most efficient ground speed operation. The manual switch of the transmission can be operated with a button that is located on the loader control level.

The hybrid link design ensures a well-balanced cylinder position of the Z link and also offers strong bucket break out force and a lift path that is nearly parallel to the ground.

The workstation R430 loader is designed to maximize comfort and convenience. It is mounted on rubber ISO mounts to minimize noise and vibrations.

The limited slip differential is included to ensure easy travel through mud, sand, and snow. If a front wheel slips, the power is transferred to the opposite wheel to restore traction.

Comfortable Work Station. Limited Slip and Hybrid Link Design

The optional backhoe attachment adds versatility to the vehicle and allows the operator to dig a trench up to 7-feet deep and 24-inches wide.

The overall length of the R430 loader in 14-feet, 4-inches; overall height is 8-feet, 3-inches; overall width without bucket is 5-feet; and ground clearance is 11-inches.

Auxiliary circuit features a hydraulic flow of 11.1-gpm and a hydraulic pressure of 2,697-psi.

It has a loader clearance circle of 12-feet, 1-inch, a turning radius track circle of 10-feet, 1-inch, and maximum track force of 5,485-lbs.

Operating weight is about 7,758-lbs.

(Source: Kubota)

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