Leaf Spot Disease is Preventable

Does your lawn have problems with leaf spot disease? Leaf spot is fairly common and is a result of fungus attacking lawns during cloudy, warm and moist conditions. It causes yellow discoloration, along with thinning of the turn, resulting in what looks like a poorly maintained lawn. They also make the lawn dry, resulting in more watering, which causes the fungus to progress further. Leaf spot can be serious if it spreads throughout your lawn, causing the lawn to thin out dramatically. It will also work down into the root if not eliminated beforehand, and causes root rot. To eliminate leaf spot, implementing a lawn fertilization program prevents the disease. When the disease does take effect, to prevent it from spreading, a fungicide can cure it and help prevent it from spreading. However, your best bet is to call a lawn care professional to assist you in correcting the problem. The three following steps are your best intentions of even having leaf spot to develop or progress.  Read more….

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