Why You Should Purchase Authentic OEM Lawn Mower Parts

What is OEM in OEM lawn mower parts?

OEM is generally known as ” Original Equipment Manufacturer”. It was originally referred to a company that manufactures and supplies products to other companies for resell under the resellers brand name.

Branded product

Toyota oil filterFor instance, CleanFilters Corporation manufactures oil filters and supplies Toyota Company oil filters to be used and sold under the Toyota Company brand name. The oil filters bearing the Toyota name and logo is called branded products.



OEM product

OEM oil filterHowever, if CleanFilters Corporation supplies other auto parts retailers with the same oil filter for resell without the name and logo of Toyota, the oil filters are called OEM products.

In other words, when referring to automotive parts, replacement products bearing the name OEM comes from the same manufacturer of the original part to be replaced.


What about “Meets OEM Standards” products?

“OEM” and “Meets OEM Standards” are not the same. OEM products come from the same manufacturer of the original part. “Meets OEM Standards” products come from other manufacturers that claim their products to have been manufactured under the same specifications as the original part.

LawnEq has wide array of OEM lawn mower parts for almost all lawn mower brands.

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