Protecting A Raised Bed With A Cold Frame

Colder weather is rapidly approaching.  At this time, most regions of the country were experiencing mild weather. However, not too long from now, we will be right in the middle of cold blowing

A cold frame can be a temporary structure that protects a raised bed from the winter climate.

winds and snow and ice. That is usually the time when plants lose their blooms and lawns turn dormant. Many dedicated gardeners turn to other activities to wait out the winter.

There is an interesting way to extend the blooming season into the winter months. This can be done with a cold frame. We have already discussed the construction of a cold frame, but in this article, we’re going to describe how you can convert a raised bed into a cold frame. The process doesn’t take long and when spring returns the protected raised bed can return, too.

From Raised Bed To Cold Frame

The process of converting a raised bed into a cold frame takes less than an hour. A short time that is well worth spending.

The construction is as easy as one, two, three.

One: Cut four sheets of wood to size to serve as the walls of the frame.

Construction is easy and takes than an hour.

Two: Fit the frames in position around the bed. No need for nails, the pieces fit together like a puzzle.

Three: Cover with three Plexiglas doors.

For more detailed construction instructions refer to the earlier cold frame article.


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