How To Make A Hanging Garden

If you live in a small apartment and have used up available space with furniture and a few plants, then that might prove sufficient. However, if you find one more tiny opening and you want to occupy it with more plants, then consider a Kokedama –-Japanese for a hanging garden.

A hanging garden is ideal because it takes up very little if any space. It actually floats in midair. Moreover, you don’t have to purchase a pretty container because each plant is contained within its own moss-covered pod that is suspended from the ceiling with twine.

Items Needed

To create your own Kokedama, you will need the following:

• A small plant
• Bonsai soil
• Peat moss
• Clay
• Sheet moss
• Twine

Peat and sheet moss can be found in such stores as Home Depot and bonsai soil and Bentonite clay are available at Amazon. Clay is an essential part of the ingredients because it serves as a binding agent.

Plants To Consider For Your Kokedama

Small plants to consider as a Kokedama include:

• Varieties of fern including Maidenhair, bird’s nest, and Staghorn.
• Jade
• Pothos
• Philodendron
• Begonias
• Succulents
• Spider plants


Mix a combination of 70% bonsai soil and 30% peat moss and clay with a little water and form into a ball. Use only the amount of water that bonds the rest of the ingredients so they won’t fall apart, but doesn’t become too dense that the plant roots can’t breathe.

Use your thumb to dig out a small hole in the center of the ball.

Brush off any excess soil off the plant roots and then tuck the plant into the hole. Mold the soil around the roots.

Cover the ball with sheet moss, gently pressing section of the moss into the soil.

Wrap the ball with twine. Make sure to cover all sides of the ball including the bottom before securing the twine with a knot.

Cut another long piece of twine and tie it onto both sides of the ball.

Hang the Kokedama in a slightly shady spot and mist with water.

When you water the Kokedama, submerge the moss ball into a bucket of water, plant side up and allow it to soak up the water for 5 to 10 minutes.

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