Reasons To Consider Buying A Lawn Boy AWD Self-Propel Lawn Mower

Do you currently own a lawn mower that requires regular oil changes and is difficult to maneuver on hills? If so and you long for a mower that is easier to maneuver on hills and requires no oil changes, then perhaps you should consider purchasing a Lawn Boy variable speed, all-wheel drive, self-propel lawn mower.

Variable speed, all-wheel drive, self-propel lawn mower from Lawn-Boy.

Available with a 21-inch lightweight steel deep dome, the Lawn Boy variable speed, all wheel drive gas lawn mower features a Kohler® XTX OHV engine with a gross torque of 6.5-ft-lbs and does not require an oil change. All you need do is check the oil level before each use. If more oil is needed, just add it.

The all-wheel drive (AWD) feature permits better traction in hilly or sloped mowing condition.

The Lawn Boy mower also features a bagging system, tri-cut cutting system, a 2-point height of cut adjustment, and a two-year full warranty and three-year tru-start engine warranty.

Bagging system.

The bagging system features a larger fill opening and larger bag capacity than other mowers. Since the bag measures 2-bushels, you can empty the bag less often. Moreover, there are less loose clippings.

The tri-cut cutting system on the Lawn Boy mower offers a single blade that provides excellent mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities.

Tri-Cut cutting system.

To prove that the Lawn Boy variable speed, all wheel drive mower is convenient to use, it features a quick adjust of the cutting height at just one side of the mower.

One customer who owns the machine was surprised at its ability to mow cross slope and claims that it goes through high grass and weeds.

Another customer praised its AWD feature saying that it works great on his sloping yard, it starts easily and runs quietly and smoothly with great power.

A third commented that the all wheel drive is amazing and the fuel economy is better than imagined.

For more information visit the Lawn-Boy website.

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