Kubota lawn mower

Kubota Lawn Mower Safety

Operating your Kubota lawn mower safely should be priority one whenever you mow your lawn. Operating a lawn mower can be a dangerous undertaking if you don’t take precautions. Below are safety tips you should follow whenever you are using a Kubota lawn mower.

Prior to mowing it is suggested that you inspect the Kubota lawn mower and ground on which you will be mowing. It is essential to check that all shields and guards are in place and in good condition and that the area to be mowed is inspected for anything that can be thrown from or entangled in the mower blades. Walk the area to alert yourself of any obstacles you will encounter. In addition, check the condition of the blades and mounting bolts to be sure that they are secure.

When operating the mower:

• Avoid operating the Kubota lawn mower on steep slopes
• Do not stop or start the Kubota lawn mower suddenly when going up or down a hill.
• Mow so that debris that may be thrown from the blades is directed away from people, pets or anything that could be damaged.
• Mow in daylight or good artificial light so that you can see what is in front of you.
• If there is a need to inspect something, adjust or perform maintenance or clean any part of the Kubota lawn mower while in operation, disengage the drive to the mower, stop the engine and set the brake, remove the key and let the mower blades stop.
• If you strike a object, shut down the mower and inspect it for damage. Repair any damages before restarting.

(Source: Kubota)

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