Safety Operating Tips for Riding Lawn Mowers

Mowing large lawns is made easy by the use of Riding Lawn Mowers. It cuts the time it takes to mow the lawn for more than half than when you use push lawn mowers in doing the same task. There are, however, safety precautions that you must seriously consider so you can really enjoy the advantages and result of mowing large lawns with riding lawn mower.

riding red lawn mower

Safety Tips for Operating Riding Lawn Mowers

1.     Read and understand your Riding Lawn mower’s Owners manual. Follow the safety precautions and proper operating procedures. Those instructions were written precisely to provide you with the optimum mowing experience.

2.     Survey the area to be mowed. Check and clear the area of debris such as rocks, sticks or any objects that may be picked up and thrown by the mower blade during operation.

3.     Make sure that there are no people in the area to be mowed. Put the mower to complete stop when somebody enters the area being mowed. Start mowing again when the area is cleared.

4.     Never mow in reverse unless there is no other way. Put the mower to complete stop before shifting to reverse. Always look behind while operating in reverse.

5.     Never carry any passenger.

6.     Always slow down when making a turn.

7.     Never leave the mower unattended with the engine running. Always turn off the blades, set the parking brake, stop the engine and remove the keys before dismounting. This will greatly reduce the risk of the mower causing an unintended movement that may cause accident.

8.     Never operate the lawn mower if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs including medications that cause drowsiness or loss of alertness or impair your ability to make proper judgement.

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