An Overview of Sprinkler Systems

With spring having just having arrived, it’s time to consider how you will care for your lawn during the growing season. One question to consider is whether or not you want to set up a sprinkler system for your lawn. In this post, we cover some of the benefits and considerations involved in making this decision.

Benefits of a sprinkler system

Simply put, sprinkler systems use less water than traditional hoses. This is because they directly target the source that you need watered. When you use a hose, you inevitably end up watering other parts of your lawn/driveway that don’t need to get watered, and this is not an issue with a sprinkler system. Another benefit is that with a sprinkler system, you will no longer have to carry a hose around, saving you time and physical exertion. Also, because they use less water, sprinkler systems make your lawn less liable to get infested by weeds or insects.



How much water do you get?

This is arguably the most important factor to consider. A good rule of thumb is that if you routinely get rain 2-3 times per week, you probably don’t need a sprinkler system. However, if you go through long periods of drought during the summer months, you would do well to look into a sprinkler system. Many people benefit from using a sprinkler during select periods, and then turning it off during rainier times.

Other factors to consider

Once you’ve decided to spring for a sprinkler system, there are a couple of other issues you need to bear in mind. One is the sprinkler pattern. It is best to overlap so that the outer edges receive enough water; when plotting out your system, make sure that every part of your lawn receives the water that it needs, and that no areas get overwatered.

Finally, you need to consider whether you want a spray system or a rotor system (this article gives a good overview of the two types.) The spray ones apply water at a more accelerated rate, concentrated on a smaller area. Meanwhile, rotor sprinklers cover a broader area but are less accelerated. Regardless of which model you choose, each style costs roughly the same.

There are many benefits to setting up a sprinkler system. If you get a decent amount of rain, investing in a sprinkler system is a great decision that will improve your lawn and save you time and energy.



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