How to Take the Blades Off a Kubota BX Deck Tractor

Taking the blades off a tractor can be a bit daunting. This is mainly due to the weight of the tractor. However, after raising the tractor, the process is actually quite simple, and the procedure is a necessary part of keeping you tractor clean and in working condition. Below, we review how to perform this necessary tractor maintenance task. You should also watch the video demonstration performed by a LawnEQ professional.

Clean and file

The first step is simply to remove the blades from the deck.  After you’ve done this, clean shaft, blades, and washers.  Next you need to take the hex washers and slightly round out the corners of the hex with a small round file.  It helps if you can mount the washer in vice while doing this.

Putting the parts back together

After you’ve got your filing completed, inspect the cup. If it is worn, it should be replaced. If the cup is old and dirty, clean out the debris. Then, you can begin the installation. Place the washer into the bolt (the bolt should be positioned with the thread up.) Note that the side of the washer with the smaller diameter should be facing upward. Lubricate both the washer and the spindle, as this will make them go into place more easily. After this, install the washer and bolt. Once they are in place, attach the cup and blade. Finally, wrench the blade until it is tight—you shouldn’t need to use too much force.

kubota bx tractor


Taking the blades off your tractor should be viewed as a do-it-yourself procedure. By following the steps above, you will never again need assistance in performing this task.

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