Surviving the Holiday

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Thanksgiving can be a pretty difficult time of year, especially for those of us who would rather be outside in the lawn and garden. The weather is getting chilly, snow is threatening the northern half of the country, and there’s little left to do outside. One of the worst parts of the holiday is that it is pretty much the beginning of being shuttered inside for a few months. So what can you do to take some of the stress out of your holiday while keeping your lawn and garden on your mind?

Chit-Chat About the Lawn

You probably don’t care to talk about your great-aunt’s bunion removal, so find some of your like-minded relatives and discuss lawn care processes, habits, equipment, and more. It never hurts to get the opinions of others or tap them for information. You never know who may surprise you with some knowledge – maybe your accountant uncle is also a whiz at taking apart and repairing carburetors. They also might have much more experience than you.

holiday centerpiece

Arts and Crafts

You can always be creative using the bits and pieces around your lawn. Bring your triumphs to the Thanksgiving table by using plants, pine boughs, sticks, and more to make centerpieces or other decorations. Over at Midwest Living, they have a number of ideas that can incorporate your lawn and garden. You can also start putting together decorations for the upcoming winter holidays, including wreaths and mantlepieces.

Make it a Green Friday

Forget waking up at the crack of dawn to try and save a few dollars. Most lawn and garden stores don’t do Black Friday events anyways. Instead, stay off the road and give your lawn a thorough treatment before winter. This is the perfect time of year for dormant overseeding. By overseeding now, the seeds stay dormant over the winter while simultaneously sinking into the ground. Snows will help to keep them watered and ready to sprout when the temperatures rise again in early spring.

Put Together Your Wish List

We’re sure that there are plenty of gifts you’d love to get for Christmas for your lawn and garden. Of course, if you don’t tell anyone, how will they know? Combine this with taking stock of what you have and what you need for spring when it’s time to get your hands dirty again.

Admire Someone Else’s Grass

By that, we mean sit back and watch some football, and debate if replacing your lawn with artificial turf is a good idea. Whether it’s college or professional, there’s no reason not to take in the green of a gridiron today.

So enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, and give thanks for your friends and family, as well as the hobby that we all enjoy.

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