Winterizing Your Various Lawn and Garden Tools

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We’ve discussed winterizing you lawn mower a number of times before, but it’s not the only piece of lawn equipment that you need to winterize. Plenty of other implements can suffer from the lack of or improper winterizing.


Hoses need to be thoroughly drained before they are stowed away for winter. The best way to do that is to start at one end, and roll the hose up at the same time as lifting it. This will force the water to roll to the end of the hose and it will drain out. Once the hose is drained, hang it up on a reel, a hose hangar, or even some nails. Just make sure that it is rolled up naturally, with no kinks or creases that can cause the hose to become brittle. Also check for any holes, and patch them with tape.

Wheelbarrows, Carts, and Wagons

Thoroughly clean off all dirt and then scrape rust away with steel wool. Anywhere that paint has chipped away, touch it up with paint to prevent rust from developing. All moving parts, particularly the wheels, should be greased so that they do not seize up over winter storage.

Portable Sprayers

You’ll want a pair of gloves for this one – the products you use in your sprayers aren’t good to get on your hands, especially in large amounts. You’ll need to take your sprayer apart and thoroughly rinse all parts. The makers of herbicides and pesticides recommend running water through or over all parts at least three times to make sure they’re truly clean. Apply oil to the various moving parts, such as the pump or the spray assembly. Store the sprayer tan upside-down for the winter so no liquid will accumulate.

Miscellaneous Hand Tools

Everything you use in the garden will get dirty over the course of a season. Use a wire brush or scraper to remove all caked-on dirt, or in the case of tree- and bush-trimming equipment, sap. After making sure that all dirt is removed, tighten all screws and spray metal parts with a penetrating lubrication oil such as the DIYer’s best friend, WD-40.

General Power Equipment

Every piece of power equipment has specifics that will differ from others, so always check your owners’ manual. Chainsaws, trimmers, edgers, and more all need winterizing. What they all have in common is that they need their bolts and nuts tightened, ad oil to be applied to moving parts.

Properly winterizing your equipment can prolong the life span and can save you money and time in the long run. Failure in winterizing your equipment will most certainly lead to problems once you try and get started in the springtime.

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