The Dangers of Frost

Frost is something that any cold weather lawn owner is familiar with, as it is a real harbinger of winter. It occurs when the temperature of your grass becomes colder than the air outside, and is easily recognizable through the white tips that appear on the grass. In this post, we discuss a couple of tips for dealing with frost.

Stay off the lawn!

The dangerous thing about frost is that when the blades of grass become frozen, they are easily broken. For this reason, you need to stay off your lawn if you see that it’s covered in frost. Obviously, this is an inconvenience if you like to keep to a morning mowing schedule, as mowing would not only cut the grass but break it altogether. However, the good thing is that frost is only temporary. As the temperature warms up outside, it will disappear and you can mow it as though nothing had happened. Still, make sure that neighbors and pedestrians stay well clear of the lawn while there’s frost on the lawn.

Protect your lawn before the frost ever arrives

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to protect your lawn before it gets hit with frost. First, watering your lawn before it arrives can make a major difference. The water will warm up the soil and make your grass less susceptible to frosting over. If you know that your lawn will get hit with frost for an extended period of time, veil your grass with a protective cover, such as a burlap sack. This will keep your grass warm and prevent the grass from becoming brittle. Because of this, you really want to pay close attention to weather forecasts. Anticipating frost before it occurs and watering or covering your lawn will go a long way toward keeping your grass safe.



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