The Robot Mower

In today’s society, everyone loves their technology, and the robot mower is just one of the latest examples of machines that are catching on with the general population. The robot mower was originally developed in the wake of the popular robot vacuum cleaner, which itself began as an infomercial phenomenon and has since infiltrated many households. That said, for all of the popularity of the robot vacuum cleaner, it pales in comparison with the robot lawn mower, a machine that continues to gain in popularity. Still, just because the robot mower is popular does not necessarily mean that it is the right machine for your lawn. This post covers some of the essential factors you need to consider when deciding on whether to switch to a robot mower.

robot mower

Should You Get a Robot Mower?


The benefits of the robot mower

First of all, there is no doubt that the robot mower offers singular advantages that are unmatched by gas or even electric mowers. The fact that they do not need an operator means that the owner does not have to worry about actually controlling the mower. The robot mower also follows proper mowing protocol: they follow random patterns and mow about 1/3 of the grass height with each mowing. As with electric mowers, the fact that they run on batteries means that they do not consumer oil and are therefore better for the environment. Because batteries last for a minimum of 3 hours, owners generally do not need to worry about recharging them  in the middle of a mowing session. Depending on the size of one’s lawn, the robot mower is therefore an incredibly convenient tool.

Limitations of the robot mower

For all of its advantages, there are concerns you need to bear in mind before rushing off to purchase a robot mower. After purchasing it, you will need to set up the wires and electromagnetic fields. Additionally, they are more sensitive to uneven slopes, so if you have a steep gradient, it may not be the mower for you. They are also not especially powerful, and if you have a propensity to let the grass grow long, it may not be able to cut your lawn. While robot mowers are generally stable, slippage can take place between the wheels and the ground. Finally, the robot mower has a tendency to flatten the grass with its safety guards, which can leave some grass particles uncut. While none of these factors may be a deal breaker in and of itself, it is still clear that you should think hard before impulsively investing in one.

There is no doubting that the robot mower is a handy device that generally offers a fine cut. However, make sure to conduct a careful pros and cons evaluation when deciding whether to do away with your traditional push mower and purchase a robot mower.

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