What is Xeriscaping, and Could it Work for You?

A recent movement in landscaping has centered around the idea of xeriscaping. This movement has taken hold, particularly in some of the more arid regions of the United States where it seldom rains and getting water to the lawns and plants is laborious and expensive.


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What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is landscaping that requires little to no additional water from irrigation. This creates a landscape that is easy to maintain, capable of withstanding a drought, and able to conserve and retain water.

How does Xeriscaping Work?

Xeriscaping is different from natural landscaping or local landscaping in that the concentration is on water conservation. This means that planting non-native plants that are drought resistant or can survive without additional water is more important than plants that are part of the ecosystem already.

It’s not just the plants themselves that make up xeriscaping. How the landscape is constructed is of major importance. The ground itself needs to guide, retain, and efficiently distribute what little water is available. This is obtained through the use of different materials, slopes, and other design elements.

What are the Advantages of Xeriscaping?

Using less water means that there is less growth, so you won’t use as much time cultivating the landscape or taming it. They also require less money to maintain over time, as you won’t need fertilizers, and the plants used in xeriscaping are generally bug- and disease-resistant, requiring less in terms of chemicals. Xeriscaping is also visually different from conventional landscaping, something that can be bad or good depending on your point of view.

What are the Disadvantages of Xeriscaping?

The major disadvantage of xeriscaping is that much of the vegetation used is rough, with sharp thorns and edges. Additionally, the ground itself in xeriscaping is generally rougher, utilizing gravel, wood chips, and other chunky, hard materials that are efficient in retaining water or able to guide its flow. Installing this type of landscaping often requires a little extra in terms of money at the start of the project.

Is Xeriscaping Right for You?

If your idea of an enjoyable landscape is one that is hearty and simple, than xeriscaping is right for you. If you live in an area that sees long periods of drought, or you have land that does not gather and hold water efficiently, converting to xeriscaping could be a wise choice. It can be used in any climate as wanted and is not exclusive to dry environments – its just immensely useful there.

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