Groundcover versus Grass

Grass is not the only option for creating a pleasant look for your lawn and garden. There are plenty of other plants that can be used to make your lawn and garden appealing and colorful in place of the usual green blades.

ajuga ground cover

By: Mokkie via Wikimedia Commons

What is the Difference Between Grass and Groundcover?

Groundcover is a general term for a plant that grows across areas of ground at the lowest level. Grass is a type of groundcover, but there are numerous other plants that can be used. Groundcover is just that – cover for the ground.

What Does Groundcover do?

Groundcover protects the soil from erosion and keeps weeds from taking root and growing. It softens the look of the landscape and creates transition zones. It can also inject color into a yard, including purples and pinks.

What Are Some of the Best Types of Groundcover?

The type of cover you use depends on the type of environment you have to deal with. For wetter but well-drained soils with plenty of shade, cover like lamium or ajuga, as displayed above, is just right for a colorful boost. If you have areas with a lot of sun and well-drained soil, armeria and creeping phlox are high on the list. Find the correct cover given your light and water conditions.

How Can You Use Groundcover?

One of the best ways to use groundcover is to create a bridge from one part of the garden to another part of the garden, or to the lawn. This creates a gentle transition instead of going straight from trees to bare ground. Groundcover can also be used to highlight and create borders, particularly along paths, driveways, and walkways. This can take the places of hedges or shrubs, as groundcover won’t grow as quickly or need as much trimming and maintenance.

What Are the Advantages of Groundcover?

There are a few reasons to go with groundcover over just plain grass. First off, you won’t have to mow groundcover like you will need to mow grass. Secondly, it provides a textural and color change. Finally, it helps to keep the soil cohesive and protect against weeds.

So think about replacing your grass with a variety of groundcover or installing groundcover next time you want to add a little bit extra color or texture to your lawn. It’s easy to plant and easy to maintain, perfect for gardeners of all skill levels.

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