10 Plants That Rid Your Yard of Mosquitos

Summer can be a terrible time for mosquitos. Most homeowners use dangerous poisonous sprays to keep them away. However, you don’t have to rely on those sprays. You can simply select plants to include in your landscape that rid the area of those pesky critters.

Great locations for these plants include areas where mosquitos tend to loiter –- doorways, near windows and near outdoor seating.

(Courtesy: Sinu Kumar at flickr.com)

10 plants that do this include:

· Basil. Actually dried basil can be used in a great mosquito repellent. Steep a cup of dried basil in half a cup of filtered boiling water. You can put the basil into a tea ball to keep things neater. Include about half a cup of alcohol. Put into a spray bottle and get to work.
· Catnip. Some tests confirm that the oil from the catnip plant is a better mosquito repellent than some of the harsh chemicals people use.
· Citronella. This plant is said to be the most popular mosquito repellent plant there is. Some stores or online websites offer Citronella candles that are also a good repellent. This plant can be placed in large containers that can be protected during a frost. Place them strategically around your lawn when guests are visiting.
· Garlic. The bulb of the garlic plant contains an amino acid that is converted into a substance called allicin when crushed, blended, or chopped. Blend the bulb with water and use to water plants and people to keep the mosquitos away.
· Geranium. Plant Citronella Geraniums in pots and place the pots around a patio or areas where you and guests congregate. You can also crush the leaves and add to lotions so you can apply it to your skin.
· Lavender. This plant can serve as a great mosquito repellent and add a great scent to your property. If you don’t want to include Lavender in your landscape, then you can purchase lavender soaps, essential oils, and lotions to serve as a mosquito repellent.
· Lemon Balm. This also smells great and keeps the mosquitos away. Crush the leaves and then rub them on your body where the skin is exposed.
· Marigolds. This plant has proven to be great for repelling not just mosquitoes, but other kinds of insects, too. Be warned that the plant doesn’t smell good, but it looks great.
· Peppermint. Mosquitos and other insects are repelled due to the small and flavor of this plant. You can crush the leaves and rub on the skin or you can use as an essential oil-infused lotion. People tend to plant in a container because it can spread in a garden.
· Rosemary. Boil a cup of dried rosemary in a quart of filtered water for 20 minutes and then strain into another quart of filtered water. Put into spray bottles and take them when you go outside so you can zap mosquitos when they go on the attack. It is suggested that you store unused spray in the refrigerator.

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