Easy Ways to Save Money in the New Season

We’re always looking for ways to save money and time in the lawn and garden, and while we go over plenty of ways to be effective and save time on this blog, we don’t always touch on way to save money. As you get out your tools and go over your plans for the new season, we’ll check out some handy ways to save money over the next few months.

Rain Barrels

Instead of paying for water or running your well dry, get a 55-gallon drum to collect run-off from your roof. These barrels can be fitted out with spigots to make it simple to draw water from them, and lids to keep out debris and mosquitoes. Use filters to keep debris from entering through the water stream, and you’ll have plenty of water for use even during the driest of times. And don’t worry, they don’t have to be plain and ugly – turn them into a decorating project for the children, or a piece of art.

Buy Mulch in Bulk

You can save money by buying of mulch by the truckload instead of the bag, but what to do with it? It’s not cheaper to buy a truckload that your don’t need, but see if your neighbors would be interested in sharing the cost, and the mulch. This will make it cheaper for everyone. If your neighbors aren’t interested, mulch isn’t something that goes bad – it can be stored under a tarp until next season if you need to keep it.

Reuse and Repurpose

During spring cleaning, you’re sure to be cleaning out and tossing plenty of things. So will your neighbors. But before you lug your trash to the curb, think about way to reuse or repurpose it.

  • Broken screen doors can be salvaged for the screen and the wood alike – use the wood for planting stakes, and the screen to use as a plant cage.
  • Getting a new dehumidifier? Save the collection container and reuse as a planter, or even as a compost bucket.
  • Nearby warehouse disposing of pallets? Break them down and reuse the wood for constructing raised beds, or even cut up the slats and paint or stain them for decorative boundaries.

Nearly anything can be reused – just use your imagination! Don’t be afraid to use what others are throwing away, just make sure you ask their permission first.

These are just a few way to save money during the coming season, keep your eyes on this site for more as the seasons progresses.

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