Kubota tractors are versatile tools when working your farm.

Kubota Tractor Attachment Safety

Kubota tractors are versatile tools when working your farm.

Kubota tractors are very versatile tools for working your farm.
(Courtesy: Kubota)

Owners of Kubota tractors are no doubt impressed with their versatility. The company offers a number of attachment products that help you do just about any job required on the farm. However, you need to learn how to attach these accessories safely.

Here are some basics that will help ensure that you attach Kubota attachments safely.

Before attempting to attach an implement or attachment it is suggested that you refer to the operator’s manuals for guidelines and instructions.

Some things are obvious. For example…

• Use common sense, care, and patience when attaching implements to a Kubota tractor.
• Get into the routine of walking around and not between the Kubota tractor and implement. If you are tired, you are more likely to attempt shortcuts and thus make mistakes when attaching an implement to a Kubota tractor. It is advised that you shut it down and rest.
• It is imperative that all shields, guards and safety devices be kept in place and working properly on your Kubota tractor. If shields, guards, or safety devices are missing or not working, do not operate the Kubota tractor.
• Whenever you check, adjust or maintain the tractor and/or the implement be certain that the engine is off, the parking brake or brakes are set, and that the key is removed from the ignition. In addition, be certain that the implement is not in motion.
• Never work under a raised implement without security blocking or supporting the implement first.

(Source: Kubotausa.com)

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