Kubota B2650 compact tractor with cab and implements. (Courtesy: Kubota)

Kubota B2650 Compact Tractor Offers Versatility Through The Seasons

Those of you who have experience managing a farm know that the versatility of equipment is paramount when working through the seasons. Your equipment must be able to adapt to deal with snow in winter and managing the crops in the summer.

Kubota B2650 compact tractor with cab and implements. (Courtesy: Kubota)

Kubota B2650 compact tractor.
(Courtesy: Kubotausa.com)

The Kubota B2650 compact tractor features a subframe attachment system that allows it to connect with a variety of accessories including a front mounted snow blower or hydraulic angling snow plow. Having the implement in the front of the tractor allows for easy control in tight areas or long driveways.

One major difference between a front mounting system and a rear mounting system is that the tractor’s operator doesn’t have to keep turning his head and twisting his body to observe the work being achieved by the implement. Facing head-on reduces fatigue and enhances efficiency.

If you work in a region of the country that endures a lot of snow, then this tractor offers you an option of using the front mounted snow blower or the hydraulic angling snowplow.

The snow blower on the Kubota B2650 compact tractor may prove to be the better option if your budget allows for it. However, if your budget is an issue and you don’t mind where you put the snow, the front mounted snowplow will more than suffice. A subframe snowplow is more compact than a loader-mounted snowplow. So it is easier to store inside a garage, shed, or barn and operates in tight areas. And, as referenced above, it is much more comfortable for the driver to use than a rear-mounted plow.

With the Kubota B2650 compact tractor, you still have the flexibility to use a loader in the spring, summer and fall seasons and use the subframe implements in the winter.

When you need to switch your loader for the snowplow or blower, you simply detach the loader and set it aside and then drive over the subframe attachment and hook it onto the tractor.

A climate-controlled factory cab for the tractor is available as an option. It protects you from the elements and still provides a great panoramic view of your surroundings.

Here are some popular implements that you can use with this Kubota B2650 compact tractor:

• Mid-mount mower decks
• Backhoe
• Removable front loader
• Grading scraper
• Rotary tiller
• Rotary cutter
• Quick hitches
• Rear blades
• Disc harrows
• Landscape rakes
• Post hole diggers
• Ballast Box
• Front mounted snow blower
• Front mounted rotary sweeper
• Front mounted blade
• Mid mount mower
• Box scraper
• Grooming mowers
• Drag harrows
• Rear mounted snow blower
• Front mounted blade

Think about all that you can achieve with a compact tractor like this during any one of the four seasons.

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