Kubota ZD1500 riding lawn mower.

Kubota Has Introduced New ZD Series Riding Lawn Mowers

Kubota ZD1500 rider lawn mower.
(Courtesy: Kubota)

The Kubota Tractor Corporation, located in Grapevine, Texas, recently introduced the new ZD Series of Rider Lawn mowers. The Series include the ZD1500, ZD1200 and ZD1000. The mowers feature a powerful 30.8-horsepower Kubota diesel engine, a 60-inch ProDeck with rear discharge, and reclining air-ride suspension seat with lumbar support.

The zero-turn series of mowers also include new and improved features.

· Improved Air Flow. The mowers prevent clipping from clumping, sticking to the walls of the deck, and recirculating to be cut again. This also reduces power consumption and fuel efficiency and also improves work efficiency that helps deliver an increase in work performance by up to 27 percent.
· Improved Fuel Efficiency. An increased fuel and horsepower balance of up to 22 percent is achieved due to the PRO deck’s more efficient cutting action.
· New Spindle Shaft. More durable, the spindle shaft helps to create a better airflow inside the deck.
· New Clean-Blades. The cutting blades have been redesigned into a new shape that improves cutting efficiency and overall load balance. This ensures a better airflow inside the deck as well as cleaner cutting performance. Moreover, the new blades have a longer service life so there is less of a need to replace them.
· New Flexible Discharge Chute. The discharge chute has been redesigned to ensure a smoother and more uniform discharge of clippings.
· New Foldable ROPS. The ROPS complies with OSHA and ISO standards and folds for easier storage and transportation of the mower.
· New Low Profile Tires. Stability and traction on turf is improved due to low-profile tires at the rear of the mower. The tires’ wide tread assists in protecting the turf from damage during mowing.
· New Large and Bright LCD Panel. The new LCD meter is the biggest in its class and displays all the key indicators necessary to maximize cutting performance and operation. It provides information on engine oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, and voltage. A new hour meter on the ZD1500 mower informs the driver when maintenance or service is required.
· New Damper Force Adjustment. The mower includes a three-position lever that lets the user adjust the damper force to the optimum level for personal comfort.
· New Ergonomically Designed Control Layout. All the mower deck controls are grouped together on the right side of the machine within easy reach of the driver permitting quick adjustment of the mower’s two-tone, easier to see cutting height adjuster dial.
· New HST Levers. The redesigned HST lever permits more legroom as well as more setting choices for smoother operation, better zero-turn maneuverability, and better job efficiency.
· New, Thicker Platform Mat. The mat is more durable and has been redesigned to help reduce noise and vibration assuring a more comfortable ride.
· New and Bigger Storage Box and Cup Holder. More space is available to store personal items including two beverage cups.

The mowers also feature a two-pin, tilt-up lift to permit easier routine maintenance underneath. This feature is standard on the ZD1500 and ZD1200 and available as an option on the ZD1000.

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