Better Results From Your Gutter Downspout

If you own a home, then you have learned over time that is essential to clean out the gutters on a regular basis to ensure that the water that is caught into it flows properly to the downspouts. However, something else you may have discovered is that the water that exists the spout onto the lawn can result in an unsightly bare spot. Moreover, it is possible that the water could seep down under the lawn and leak into your basement.

Avoiding the bare spot and preventing water from entering your basement can be achieved with one fix. You can extend the gutter downspout and bury the end underground pointing away from the house. The result is no more bare spot or flooded basement.

To extend the original downspouts on your house you will need the following:

· A 10-foot downspout extension
· Downspout connector
· Sheet metal screws
· Drill
· Shovel
· Tarp, box, or bucket

You should be able to find these items at your local hardware store.

Dig a trench about 10-inches to 12-inches deep with approximately a 2-inch slope. The length of the trench depends on how far away from your home you want the water to go. People who have done this project suggest a length of at least 5-feet. Put the dug up dirt into the bucket or box or onto the tarp.

Disassemble the original downspout. Use the drill to remove the screws that hold the gutter downspout angle connector to the gutter downspout and discard the connector.

Connect the new gutter downspout extension to the new gutter downspout connector using the drill and screws.

Connect the new downspout assembly to the original downspout using screws and drill.

Push the end of the downspout into the hole and then fill the hole with the leftover dirt in the bucket, box or on the tarp.

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