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There are tons of options out there for the Lazy Lawn cultivator as far as mowers go. It would be easy to say just to get a robotic mower and be done with it, that’s just not going to give you the best lawn. Today we’ll talk about the best mowers for the Lazy Lawn, taking into account factors such as maintenance and lawn sizes.

For the smaller lawns, under half of an acre, forget about a riding mower. While they are perfect for the lazy man, and great for lawns larger than half of an acre, issues such as maintenance and storage can actually create more work than the mower will save, and that that goes against the Lazy Lawn credo: Don’t make more work for yourself than necessary. Not to mention that riding mowers can’t get in to the nooks and crannies of small lawns.

For a lawn that’s fairly small, a reel mower would be best. Look for a low-maintenance reel mower with mulching capabilities and with blades made of stronger materials that can hold an edge. The mulching will keep you from having to rake up large clippings, while a strong blade will keep you from having to sharpen the blades more than once or twice a year. Low maintenance, low effort. Perfectly lazy.

A mid-size lawn calls for a push mower – self-propelled is the way to go, much less work to shove it around the lawn. Get one that either mulches, or that has a bag attachment. A wider deck will cut down on the number of passes you’ll need to make – the difference between an 18-inch deck and a 22-inch deck is needing six passes versus five. Less passes equals less walking. Bigger decks will cut the mowing time down further, so find the widest deck that fits in your price range. Toro makes some great push mowers, and are highly recommended as they are easy to maintain – would you rather be performing maintenance, or watching the game? Electric push mowers are also great for guys looking for a Lazy Lawn.

That brings us to the folks looking to mow a massive lawn, and for that, you’ll want a massive mower. While a push mower will get you exercise, it will cut in to your hammock time. Let’s face it, there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to riding mowers in terms of laziness. One that bags and mulches, and that is zero-turn, is the best option. The zero-turn will allow you to cut along the edges of your lawn, meaning that you’ll spend less time using a trimmer or push mower to do clean-up. Unlike a push mower, in this case, a smaller deck is a better choice. This will allow you to see better where you’re mowing, letting you cut up to the edges better. While your at it, grab one with cruise control and cup holders so you can be comfortable while you mow.

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