Selecting a Watering Wand

If you garden, then you are familiar with all the different ways you can water plants. You can use sprinklers, irrigation systems, or a plain old hose with the proper nozzle. One method that you may not be aware of is a watering wand.

Watering wands are long tubes that have a shower-like head at one end and hardware at the other that permits screwing on to a garden hose. The device channels water through the tube and out the showerhead as a soft spray. The water spray is softer and more diffused than water coming through a hose and a nozzle. So it is less likely that the water stream will damage sensitive plants.


Some watering wands offer different spray pattern options including soft mist to a targeted spray. Besides watering gardens, the tool is ideal for rinsing off a car or cleaning off a patio or deck.

Price is a major factor in selecting a watering wand. However, there are a few more issues you should consider. For example, you may want a watering wand with a long handle or crooked neck because they are ideal for watering plants hosted in hanging baskets. If the neighborhood in which you live has low-pressure water, it may be more efficient for you to use a water wand with a special nozzle.

If you have indoor plants that need to be watered, a wand features a narrow flow head that offers a softer spray as well as a quick cut off valve. This feature avoids dripping water on to the floor of your home as you go from plant to plant.

A watering wand is also ideal for seedlings because the spray is soft with a fine flow to prevent damage.

It is also perfect for hard to reach plants in the garden because there are extension handles that can be used along with the standard handle.

You’re going to want a wand that includes a shut off valve, lever or the ability to use your thumb to control. Moreover, when inspecting wands consider the nozzle and be certain that it delivers the kind of spray you want.

Weight should be another consideration. The more features you have on the wand, the heavier it will be. So be certain that you can handle the wand before buying it. There are wands that are made of lightweight plastic that are easier to handle than wands with metal tubing.

Don’t let price be the only factor when choosing the wand. A cheap wand may wear quicker than a wand that is a little bit more expensive. As a result, you may find yourself buying new wands over and over again through the years. Also keep in mind that adjustable nozzles that follow the principle of one-size fits all may not be a good choice because these nozzles tend to leak.

Gardening water wands are available for as low as $8 or $9. You might even be able to find one even cheaper during discount sales. If you use the wand frequently, then it might be best that you spend a little bit more money, like something between $25 and $30, to assure a more durable tool.

Cheap wands are commonly made of PVC plastic or some other lightweight material that can crack or split when you drop them or they could wear out quickly.

If you live in a part of the country where the winters can get very cold, an inexpensive wand made of plastic could be damaged due to the frequent changes in temperature and may have to be replaced every year.

A watering wand made of aluminum will last longer and cost around $30. This type of wand offers a choice of spray patterns and a crush proof head. There are telescoping watering wands available that can be collapsed or extended so that they can provide water to plants that are close to you or difficult to reach. This variety of wand can extend as much as 30-inches.

Finally, it may be helpful to consider a watering wand that has been manufactured by a brand you are familiar with. These wands are probably going to be more durable than the off-brand alternatives. Still, if you don’t intend to use the wand a lot, then the off-brand should suffice. If you intend to use the wand a lot and you have a lot of hanging plants around the house, then select a wand with a long reach, sturdy construction and a trigger shut off.

You can find watering wands at just about any local hardware or garden store or online.

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