Should You Buy a Chain Saw?

A chain saw is an incredibly useful machine. A chain saw is also an incredibly dangerous and expensive machine. Because of these factors, the decision of whether or not to purchase one is more complex than deciding on whether to get a lawn mower or trimmer. Below, we offer some basic considerations you need to bear in mind when pondering whether buying one is the right decision for you.

A brief overview of the chain saw

Before purchasing a chain saw, you need to know some essential facts about the machine. First of all, they are the most powerful machines available for cutting down large trees. If you are routinely tasked with chopping down huge trees, a chain saw is really a must-have tool. With a chain saw, you can cut down a tree, remove tree stumps, and prepare chopped wood for your fireplace. Basically, if chopping wood is a regular occurrence for you, it is a tool of great utility.

A chain saw is also dangerous to handle and maneuver. The blade can move upwards of 40 miles per hour at full throttle, and kick-back (when it moves in the opposite direction) can cause serious injury. For these reasons, you need to make sure that you are physically able to handle one. There is no license required to operate one, so the onus is on you to gauge whether you are up to the task of handling one of these machines.

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Better to buy or rent?

There is no single answer to this question. Renting a chain saw generally runs between $25-30 per day while most chain saws run at least a couple hundred dollars. If you know that you will be using a chain saw only a few times a year, you might be better off renting. However, if you cut trees on a frequent basis, buying a chain saw is absolutely a worthwhile investment.

Purchasing a chain saw is a difficult decision, as you have to consider how often you will use it and whether you are strong enough to ably handle the machine. If you decide that buying a chain saw is the right way to go, check out the selection at



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