Troubleshooting An Echo String Trimmer

When one thinks about the tools they need to maintain their lawn some quickly come to mind. They include a lawn mower, sprinkler or sprinkler system, hose, and trimmer. A trimmer, or more specifically, a string trimmer can be one of the most used tools in your tool shed.

Echo string trimmer.
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Just like any machine, there will be times when the trimmer does not work properly. On many of these occasions, you may be able to fix it yourself.

Lawneq carries a number of Echo trimmer parts and so in this article I will focus on Echo string trimmers.

One problem that may commonly spring up is starting the trimmer. Start up issues are usually due to fuel or the ignition. For example, gas that is more than 30 days old is lower than 89-octane, or contaminated with water may not offer enough spark to ignite the engine. Be certain that you use the correct rated octane gas for your Echo string trimmer and use fresh gasoline.

Also make sure that the fuel line is not cracked or twisted and the fuel filter is clean so that the fuel flows through properly.

Check the spark plug for damage and make certain that you clean it regularly. If it is damaged, replace it. Make sure its wires are securely connected and have no cracks. Set the spark plug gap at between .24 to .26-inch to assure proper ignition.

Often clean the air filter and make certain that the airbox is debris and dirt free to allow good airflow.

When starting the machine the on/off switch should be on and the choke should be in the “open” or “run” position. Hold the start trigger down until the engine is running smoothly. It should perform with little or no visible smoke coming from the exhaust.

Be aware that unburnt fuel of an Echo string trimmer could build up in the muffler and may produce smoke when the trimmer runs at half throttle. It is best to run the trimmer at full-throttle. Low-quality oil or the improper combination of fuel to oil may also cause smoke. It is suggested that you use Echo Power Blend oil or an equivalent. The ratio of oil to fuel should be 50:1.

Problems with engine power could be due to a dirty air filter, a damaged or dirty spark plug, or a clogged spark arrestor screen in the muffler. Make sure that the air filter is clean, the spark plug is not damaged and is clean, and the arrestor screen is clear of debris.

The engine of an Echo string trimmer may overheat or even stop working if there is debris in the cooling fin or exhaust port. Make sure both are clean. In addition, old fuel can build up in the piston rings preventing them from moving freely and cause the engine to stop. Again, it is imperative that old fuel is cleaned out of the system and that you use fresh fuel when using the trimmer.

The cutting head of the Echo string trimmer should turn. If it is not, check the flexible cable on the head for damage. If damage is found, replace the cable. Also, make certain that the engine housing is sitting flush against the indicator line on the shaft to assure that the cutting head performs properly.

Run the trimmer at full throttle so that the line feeds properly from the cutting head. Be aware that if the line is not correctly wound on the spool or is melted, it will not feed right. If you use the trimmer too close to hard objects or if the middle of the line and not the tips is doing the cutting, then the trimmer head could overheat and melt the line. In addition, the trimmer line will not feed correctly if its advance cam or spring is worn out or broken.

Use a high quality, non-rounded string for optimum performance and replace the string when it is weak, brittle, or easily breakable.

Finally, prepare the trimmer for the offseason. Spray a degreaser on greasy and dirty areas and leave alone for about 10 to 15 minutes and then wipe the sprayed area with a clean cloth. Rinse the trimmer off with water and dry it thoroughly before storing it.

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