How to Repair an Uneven Lawn

Repair Your Uneven Lawn Using the Tips Provided Below

We’ve discussed in the past what to do if your lawn is slightly off-kilter, and how to level it. Some lawns can be far too uneven to simply be top-dressed, as it is only recommended to top-dress one centimeter or so at a time. This process could take quite long for larger divots, while it won’t be any help if you’ve got rises in the lawn. So what is the best way to address your uneven lawn and repair it without killing off your turf?

The first step is to find the most uneven areas of the lawn – by addressing the most egregious spots, you may find that the lawn will even out a bit easier than you thought, and faster.

When you have found the worst protrusions, use a spade to edge out manageable squares of turf, cutting down into the ground. Dig these squares out, separating the turf from the soil, and set them aside. Use the spade to scrape off soil, and set the soil aside for later use. Keep scraping until it is roughly even with the area around it, then put water down on the soil and replace the sod. Water the sod as well to help it root down into its new bed. The soil you have set aside can then be used to top-dress and smooth out into the surrounding turf.

Using the soil from the worst protrusions, find the worst divots and do much the same, edging out manageable squares of turf. Use the soil to fill in the divots, or if the indentations are too deep, get some inert sand to mix in with it. Fill the indentation until it is roughly level with the lawn around it, then water the soil and replace the sod. Smooth it into the area around with top dressing.

Once you have attacked the parts of the lawn that are most uneven, you can then reevaluate the rest of the lawn. By addressing the most obvious uneven lawn patches first, you may find the slightly uneven parts will now blend in. If not, simply use the methods above to fix these slightly uneven spots.

Fixing an uneven lawn isn’t over yet, though. You need to keep up on these areas you have addressed, and pay them a bit more attention than the rest of the lawn as they may need some help integrating back in to the lawn.

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