Is a Snow Blower a Good Investment for You?

Man pushing snow blowerAs winter approaches on the horizon, parts of the country are already bracing for snow, especially in the Rocky Mountains. Many of us will be rolling out our snow blower and digging out our snow shovels, preparing for a nasty winter. Not all of us have a snow blower, though we all have thought about it. There are pros and cons to having a snow blower, and while you may want to get one, is it the right investment for you? Here are some things to think about before going out and making this large purchase.

How much space will you need to clear?

If you don’t have much of a driveway or sidewalk to clear off, there’s no reason to have a snow blower. In all likelihood, if you have only a small area to clear, you also don’t have much of a place to store the snow blower anyways. If you live in a tightly knit community, a communal snow blower may be a good investment, but don’t spring for one on your own if you can clear your sidewalks and driveway in less than twenty minutes or so. If you’ve got parking for a few cars and a bit of macadam between your house and the road, a small or mid-range snow blower will likely be a good bet. If you’ve got an extra-long driveway, then you’ll definitely want a top-end model, and may even be interested in a self-propelled model.

What is your fitness level?

If you are older or have health issues such as a bad back or heart, then by all means, get yourself a snow blower. But if you’re just lazy and out of shape, then sticking to a snow shovel will be good for you – you’ll have to get up, move, and use muscles that you don’t use too often. Maybe it’ll help, or at least give you a good reason why you can get a medium ice cream cone next time instead of a small.

How often does it snow?

If you live in an area that doesn’t see much snow, then of course you don’t need a snow blower. If you’re not getting at least one snowfall of a half-foot or more per year, or at least two feet of snowfall through the year,  it’s not a great investment, it will just end up taking up space in your garage or shed. Plus, as most of our luck has it, if you buy a snow blower expecting it to snow, it won’t. That just seems to be how it goes.

Can you get a good price?

If someone is willing to just give you a snow blower, then go ahead and ignore everything already said, as you can’t argue with a free snow blower. If there is a really good deal on a nice, conservative model, then give it some thought. Don’t buy more machine than you’ll need – do you really need the model with heated handlebars and a headlight? Do you really need to drop almost a thousand dollars? Probably not.

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