Land Pride Offering Buckets

Land Pride, manufacturer of implements for Kubota tractors headquartered in Salina, Kansas with manufacturing plants in Abilene, Kipp, and Lucas, Kansas, and research and development facilities in Salina, is offering eight series buckets.

The eight series include:

• SRB15 Series Rock Bucket

• GB30 Scrap Grapple Bucket

• CB25 Series Combination Bucket

• TC25 Series Tree Carrier

• UB25 Series Utility Bucket

• LM25 Series Light Material Bucket

• SL & HD Series Buckets

SRB15 Series Bucket

Available in three models (SRB1566, SRB1572, and the SRB1578), the SRB15 Series Rock Bucket are ideal for farming, ranching, construction sites, nurseries, campuses, theme parks, salvage operations, warehouses, lumberyards, and large or small retail outlets. It is designed to turn skid steer loader and tractor loaders with universal quick attach mounts into a bucket for material handling purposes.

There are three widths available –- the 66-inch, 72-inch, and 78-inch. Each model is designed to match up to the Kubota SVL Series and SSV Series tractors.

The series features Grade 80 steel tine with front gusseted tine tips and deep-dish side panels.

GB30 Scrap Grapple Bucket

Also available in three models (GB3068, GB3074, and GB3080, these buckets are ideal for demolition crews, municipalities, junkyards, salvage yards, recycling plants, rental yards. It will contain debris until it is piled or loaded. The implement is designed to move sharp, jagged, and bulky debris including rocks with ease.

Each model come different widths –- 68-inch, 74-inch, and 80-inch.

The series match with the SVL Series and SSV Series Kubota tractors.

Features include an optional bolt-on cutting edge with blades that are reversible and replaceable. It includes two independent upper grapple jaws that assist to secure uneven loads.

CB25 Series Combination Buckets

This series comes in three models –- CB2568, CB2574, and the CB2580. They are ideal for dirt and concrete contractors, landscapers, and farmers. The implement features the versatility of a grapple, dozer blade, bucket, and back scraper.

Each model comes in a different width – 68-inch, 74-inch, and 80-inch. They are compatible with the SVL Series and SSV Series Kubota tractors.

Features include serrated interlocking grapple teeth on the bucket’s side panels that pick up and hold objects of various sizes, shape, and weights. An optional counterbalance valve is available that prevents hydraulic bleed-off and improves cylinder control.

TC25 Series Tree Carrier

This series includes one model –- the TC2542. It is 42-inches in width and matches the SVL Series and SSV Series Kubota tractor.

Features of the TC2542 tree carrier include a curved and tapered front edge that easily drives the scoop in the ground; hook points that secure a tree in the bucket and prevents it from falling over while transporting. The carrier is made of AR-400 steel that resists bending and wear and continuous welds that make it extra tough.

UB25 Series Utility Bucket

This construction grade utility bucket works as a shovel for stumps and small tree removal. It also relocates, landscaping rocks or boulders, and can be used to create trenches.

The unit matches the SVL Series and SSV Series Kubota tractor and includes a universal quick-attach feature.

Other features include replaceable pin-on tooth tips; built-in connection points for tie-downs for safer transportation of objects, and three weld-on cast steel skid steps that make entering and exiting the power machine safer. Top tapered ripper teeth in the sidewall assists in cutting through roots as well as breaking them in two.

LM25 Series Light Material Bucket

The LM25 Series Light Material Bucket is available in three models –- the LM2584, LM2596, and the LM25108. The series is ideal for moving large volumes of loose material including snow, for cleaning bedding and manure removal in stalls or barns on a farm or at event facilities. The bucket includes a high-back design with cutouts for easy visibility.

Machine widths are 84-inch, 96-inch, and 108-inch. The models are designed to match with Kubota SVL Series and SSV Series tractors. It also has a universal quick-attach.

Other features include an optional bolt-on cutting edge with a reversible and replaceable blade. An inside bend gussets assure strength and helps to extend the life of the bucket. There is also a cut on backplate that offers increased visibility.

SL & HD Series Buckets

Available in six models (SL68, SL74, HD68, HD74, HD80, and HD80HC), the series is replacement buckets for Kubota SSV and SVL tractors. They’re available with a standard or long floor, with or without teeth, and have side cutters as a standard feature.

Side cutters are standard on all six models.

The buckets are available at your local Kubota dealer.


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